Kiderwind Hackathon 20th-26th of October 2014 in Matera, Italy

An Open Invitation to come and Hack with us in the beautiful city of Matera.

For the past couple of months we’ve been working with Francesco Musico at unMonastery to assist in the project development of KIDERWIND, an open-source project which aims to harness the wind at high altitude in order to generate power. As part of a new strand of sustainable energy technologies, it is part of the Airborne Wind Energy (or High Altitude Wind Power) which harnesses the kinetic energy of high winds.

We’re now ready to begin developing the first iteration of the project so we’re launching a Hackathon in Matera to do just that, the objective of this hackathon is to develop a prototype of the KIDERWIND project.

We’re looking for Arduino / Drone software experts who would be interested in visiting Matera and working with us for a week on an open source project aimed at making a significant contribution to the global appropriate technology movement, and ensuring that sustainable energy technologies remain open and accessible to all.

In order to better understand KIDERWIND please read the documentation and watch this video.

The specifics of what we will focus on together during the week of 22nd - 27th September are as follows:

  • Studying the existing code on the firmware running the APM Autopilot (or equivalent).
  • Replacing the current flying software by the one we are currently writing which will steer the Kiderwind. Here is a rough description of the algorithm.
  • Validate the algorithm using a prototype of the Kiderwind (composed of a winch, ropes, an APM autopilot and a glyder).

Ideally we’re looking for individuals who have experience of working ArduPilot or equivalent software and are able to speak Italian (but english and french speakers are also very welcome). In order to support this work the work unMonastery will cover travel costs (Up to 400 Euro), accommodation and food during your stay.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining us to work on KIDERWIND comment below or email: - please don’t hesitate to share this call for collaboration within your network.


Date: 2014-10-19 22:00:00 - 2014-10-25 22:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.


This event has been superseded by this.


What’s the purpose of creating a second event rather than editing this one?

Date confusion

There are two events with the same name and overlapping date ranges. This event is (at the time I’m writing this comment) set to run from 2014-10-20 until 2014-10-26. These seem to me to be good dates.

I’m unsure which dates the hackathon will run on. Surely not just one day, as indicated on the other page?

I suggest that we deprecate the other page and coordinate the hackathon on this page, since there’s more information about the project here than there. Is there anyone who would prefer to do it differently, and if so, why?


Sorry about the confusion, @Leo – Marc probably created the second event forgetting about the first one. The first one was originally meant to be in August, but then it was difficult to get a critical mass; so we offered Marc to move it to LOTE4, and he accepted.

I have answered your other comment with the reasons why we planned it to be shorter than originally foreseen (but longer than one day).