Kiez Burn goes Realities

First of all, a big, big thanks to everyone who put up Realities and made it a reality! Kiez Burn, a participatory event in the neighborhood of Berlin (±1000 people) has now also adopted it. We are super grateful for the work that has been put in, and we hope to successfully use the platform for the first time this year :slight_smile:

Since I thought it might be a valuable case study for Realities:

We might more actively start collaborating with the Kiez Burn Robot Ministery to the development of the key Participio projects (Dreams, Talk & Realities) in the future. For now, in the first place, we are super happy to be able to use these tools :sunny:



Thank you for believing in it! You are very welcome. Let’s keep working on stuff together for years to come. :slight_smile:

Very cool. Well done, @Waldov and crew!