Knowledge decentralization: opening the door for better-quality information

Hi everyone!

I’m Allegra and I recently came across the Edgeryders community.
I always find it difficult describing myself since I am working simultaneously in different fields, but I see myself as a digital activist thinking about how to foster social change through technology :slightly_smiling_face:

In the last years I have been thinking about how to counteract misinformation and how to enable good quality information in a healthy online environment. Big tech monopolies are creating an extremely toxic environment and I feel the urge to counteract. I believe that opening up knowledge is part of the solution we currently need. We need decentralized technologies that empower users to use their data for their own benefits!
I work at the intersection between tech and civil society as a connector between those worlds.
I first co-founded a project called TraceMap, where we developed an open source tool that displays maps of how information spreads on Twitter. These maps, together with a bunch of metrics and analytic tools, were specifically designed to help Twitter users and journalists make sense of the news they’re reading.
Now TraceMap is associated to Worldbrain, the creators of Memex. Memex is a privacy-focused, open-source & offline-first browser extension for web-research collaborative organisation. We want to empower independent journalists, content creators, researchers and fact-checkers in all steps necessary for the creation of good-quality information.
We are soon starting to develop collaboration features - and, in this process, to involve non-tech actors into the development steps.
This brings me to one of my topics of interest for the fellowship: How can we bring the tech community and civil society actors closer together? How can we foster collaboration between these worlds? Different communities speak different languages, use different platforms and have different understandings, a real challenge to be tackled. How can we decrease literacy barriers for people to access certain communities? How can we increase interoperability between platforms? Should we design platforms differently? Do we need more mediators between the different communities?
There are broader questions related to democratization of knowledge and linking back to the misinformation problem: How can we decouple knowledge from economic interest? How can we find sustainable models? How to design micropayment systems without falling back into old, toxic models?
I’m looking forward to meet likeminded people in here, exchange thoughts and collaborate!


Greetings @allegra nice to see you here and thanks for being on the call yesterday. We will get the highlights posted here soon.
Do you know @JuliaV here? She recently mentioned being in touch with Worldbrain. Also there are a couple of browser builders here who have described their projects.

And I was just checking out TraceMap. Fascinating.

@johncoate yes I know Julia. We have been talking for quite a while now and she is the one who brought me here. I’m a big fan of hers :slight_smile:


Welcome! Cool. Does TraceMap work for ActivityPub protocol as well (haven’t checked source code)? I think it’s important to test out to either involve stakeholders in the system(s) during initiation and development - or have a holistic starting point and throughout the continuous work with thinking of creating value at all levels and to all stakeholders.

Personally I’m very curious about Triple Layer Business model for considering social, environmental and economic perspectives of the business model, the impact and value that the tech aims to create.

I haven’t heard about Worldbrain & Memex before joining this forum, but it sounds quite similar to some of my own efforts. I’m definitely interested in discussing compatibility between our programs, and will wish you the best of luck with it!


Yes I see many similarities between our tools. I really like your idea of personalised suggestions. this is a topic we haven`t touched upon. I would love to know more about it. I have seen a couple of other people here interested on the topic. It would be great if we could have a conversation and exchange ideas.

That would be great!

Any questions from you to start off?

@allegra, would you be open to adding a talk, discussion or workshop to the Edgeryders Festival? There are for examples of events on the topic of information tech planed in Berlin. Where are you based? You could fill out this form, answer here or get in contact with me anytime to discuss more in detail how we could help each other to make great projects and discussions happen :). Or join us in the community call this Tuesday the 17th of September 18:00 Brussels time to discuss ideas and possibilities with the community :): Launch Meeting - Zoom

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