Kung Fu School&Viral Academy at Piciannello event

Yesterday there was an event at Piciannello market - the unMon2 space that everyone has been preparing for the past few weeks.

Matera Viral Academy is working together with Kung Fu School on a media project (livestreaming, video prod, mobile app dev, crowdfunding) so we participate to the event together. Kung Fu School did a show at the Piciannello Market, we set up a mobile studio to do the live mixing and recording and discussed the crowdfunding campaign out in the market, to be continued on Monday (not on the market stools, unfortunately, but indoors)

The settings were strange. I never tried to have a workshop at the market, but, actually, it is a perfect place: big tables outside. I will definitely recommend markets as an office space.

preparing the office space

 Kung Fu Show

 Mobile studio+Wirecast (live editing software)


It was fun. Thanks to everyone who took a part. Special thanks to Saverio for electricity and for being great. Looking forward to a follow up, specially on the crowdfunding side of things.

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Looks really cool!

Congratulations, everyone. The photos are really catchy, it looked like you had a great show (and perfect weather!)

second that!

You guys seem to have brought a totally new flavour to what I thought VA is about. When one first reads about it, the tech part takes over of course, but seeing practical developments really helps understand its relevance.

Maybe I missed it, but what does crowdfunding have to do with this specific show? Are you recording and editing for a follow up?

Kung Fu Crowd

Oh, sorry for little update on that here. There are several points of connection with between Kung Fu crowd and VA in Matera: from connecting us to cool kids outside of existing unMon networks when we landed in Matera to Martial Arts project they have started involving live streaming and geekery which is a pilot for VA workshops.

At Piciannello they put up a show in the middle of the market and we set up our low cost mobile studio and invited people to join workshops in the coming week.

Apart from that, the feedback on the comprehensible and engaging formats and content for VA project was very helpful.

I really need to write a longer post to share what I’ve learned and why mixing sports and learning of tech and web tools seemed to be a good move for us. These are traditionally kept separate, even in a new Erasmus+ framework, as if sports were for dummies and geekery for nerds. In reality whatever people are the most passionate about motivates them to do other things. I have a a couple of points on food as well.