Labanita speaking

hello, this is Uli, in Cairo since 1998, born in Germany. I strongly believe in building capacity, helping and also ‘pushing’ people to do what they believe is needed to be done :slight_smile: But pushing in a gentle way, helping to birth the energy needed to keep on thinking positively and acting accordingly. One way I do this is through my work with the Art of Hosting in Egypt, having started a coworking space with a mission some years ago, and much other ‘walking the talk’ work. Spot the Future looks like a good other attempt at bringing together those who are DOING stuff to make life in Egypt nicer for all of us :slight_smile: warmly, Uli

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hello Uli

nice to c u in board . how did u end up from Germany to Egypt.

are u the founder of Rasheed 22 :slight_smile: coz I love this place actually . I remember I first knew CILAS through an event in Rasheed and now I am in Germany for my master studies .

if it was Rasheed or anyother coworking space can u share with us its story /obstacles/ people who work in the space/ different initiatives that the space hosted  or may be something from your life in Egypt as it is now not getting nicer I think - are u still in Cairo or not ? -

waiting to hear from u :slight_smile:

Yes yes and yes :slight_smile:

Shall write a resume of how I got here and everything else and share.

Later today, latest during the coming days.

Going offline now.

hello Hazem,

good to know how getting to know CILAS at Rasheed22 was such an important step for you!

Of course I am in Cairo, and I am looking forward to Friday - hopefully I will receive the famous invite :slight_smile:

As for the space, Rasheed22 is there for everyone who is ready to contribute to the commons, while working on their own project. We are truly a shared space, not a fully serviced office.

Some of the people have been around for some time, but usually, and that is the whole idea of a coworking space, they are with us for a year or two, until they want or need their own space or the project doesn’t continue.

Why I am in Cairo? I met an Egyptian in Turkey and eventually married him …

More on Friday!



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looking forward for friday

although I won’t be able to attend but I became more excited about the workshop , waiting to see how it goes

and the invitation is on the way :smiley: