Landing Page proposal

Hi all,

here you can find our proposal for the opencare landing page

Consider that:

  • backgroud picture and copy are not final

  • icons are the ones we suggested in the Survival Stile Guide

  • there are still a couple of responsiveness issues (feedback welcome)

  • all bug reporting will be done exclusively on github here (

  • contact email / form needs to be defined and agreed upon: do we need it?

  • A/B testing: let us know how can we manage this

here is the repo: GitHub - opencarecc/opencareLandingPage: This is the Landing Page of the project

You can contribute, fork, clone, whatever!

After the approval we’ll configure the DNS to point there so the user will see only as URL in the address bar.



Looks great !

I really like it: 2 buttons, one to participate, one to read about the project, the video …  - makes it very simple, very easy to read, accessible for anyone.

I just noticed one thing: the proposal is the submitted version, but not the official description of the project (WP numbers are old, the coordinator has changed, etc.). The correct version is available under opencare > proposal -final > opencare_DoA.pdf

Is it possible to make the change ? :slight_smile:


Hi @Luce,

the correct pdf (wichever it is) has to be uploaded on editing the page directly on Edgeryders.

I’ve done it for all of us linking it to the gdrive file.

How would we test?

The work is much appreciated guys, and I do hope it will help engagement.

Should we consider translating it into more languages? (Italian, French…?)

As to the format, I’m looking forward to testing. Previously we tested pages on Edgeryders for conversion into signups or creating new posts with Google Analytics Experiments. For every page you want to test, it creates a tracker code that you need to copy and paste into every test web page. But they were all on, so we’ll need to look into how it could work.


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ping #2

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I stand with Noemi on this one

Nothing more to add. Except: we are reluctant to change material already finished, like the video. Reopening it would be slow and expensive, and it seems to be working well enough.

Great – minor adjustments needed

Great job, adheres to the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid).

  1. In the text “Opencare brings people together, […]” you should stick to the all non capital letters:

“opencare brings people together, […]”

  1. The video needs minor editing so the opncare logo is adjusted to the all non capital no-digit (“3”) name.

Will uploaf those on the issues page, but I thought I’d mention them here.

Great - Very useful!

Thanks to We Make for the great work done!

I think the landing page will be very helpful, especially if we translate in other languages…

I’m ready to work on it!

tacit approval


can we consider this as a tacit approval?

  • about translation : we’ll use github to make it WeMake & CdM will do it in Italian

  • about analytics: give us tech update, you decide

  • send me the video. I’ll change the graphis and I will upload it on the opencare youtube channel

On Saturday I’ll change the DNS

@Noemi @Alberto @alessandro_contini @Nadia @Moushira


I think I explained this before. RIgorous testing (while keeping things easier) requires Content Experiments. I am not sure CE accepts to randomize between two pages on two different domains, we can try. For starters, you should follow the Google Analytics instructions to put into your landing page the HTML the tracking code we already use for Edgeryders, which is UA-4275556-5. Then we can try to set up the experiment. If Google refuses to process, we cannot test. That was my main objection to using GitHub from day 1.

EDIT: it seems to be doable. I sent @Costantino the instructions to add Google Analytics tracking code to GitHub. However, now Analytics raises a warning (I already created an experiment and put the tracking code into the Drupal OpenCare home). Our best bet is to try and see.

is it experiment ended?

so what’s the results?


Does not track

I stopped the experiment manually, since it was not tracking. We get a warning from Drupal and an error from Github. The instructions said to try anyway, and I did, but no joy.

I don’t think it’s worth spending time to fix this stuff. We were aware that putting the landing page on a different website was likely to get in the way of analytics.

What do we do then?

Does it mean it is hopeless to think we can indeed use the proposed landing page? What I understand is it would have to be hosted on EdgeRyders website and part of Drupal – am I right?

i don’t get it

Sorry but i don’t get it.

What’s the tech problem using the landing page?

The problem is that we can’t prove that one “page”



is it better in terms of something ?

Please articulate what’s the issue because I really don’t get it.

@Alberto @melancon


Sure, you can use it. You just cannot test that it performs better than others.

so do we switch the DNS?



switched the dns to the new landing page.

as said

here is the repo: 

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Great move

I like it.

Would the landing page be a good place where to hold links to milestones, or to docs relating with the data management? Or at least host a link to another page listing those?