Language Barrier – How can we build a Bridge?

Language Barrier – How can we build a Bridge?

Non-Germans want to learn German and want to take part in social life.

Germans are not as enthusiastic yet. They don`t want to feel obligated.

How can we still create social interaction?

That´s what we already tried out;) SPRACHPICKNICK


Giving German people a SIGN which could be a print on a shirt, sticker, bag, what ever that says: “Hey, join us!”/”Don´t be shy!”/”Take part!”…

They´ll have the opportunity to put it on in a situation where they want foreign people to participate – Non-Germans wouldn´t have a as hard time to bring oneselfes to do the first step.

Background and research 

People say the are willing to help, but they don´t want to feel obligated!

There are two parties: the NEWBIES on the one hand and the Germans, or LOCALS on the other hand.

Both of them are having different needs because they are in different situations.

We were doing surveys with both groups.


-NEWBIES are looking so badly for LOCALS who would like to spend just a little time with them!

-NEWBIES are afraid of doing the first step towards LOCALS.

-NEWBIES are afraid of being rejected.


-LOCALS are willing to help.

-But they say they don´t have that much time and don’t want to have more appointments.

-LOCALS don’t want to be responsible.

-They want to stay spontaneous.

How can we balance those two perspectives?

The Campaign

SAY HEY is a line of branded sports equipment, weather resistant stickers, bags and posters designed to facilitate social interaction between people who are attempting to learn a new language and customs, and local residents who like to engage in cultural exchange… or just make new friends :slight_smile:

SAY HEY is a tag that shows how open you are for new people to join. It will bring Berliners and newbies together.

Support our crowdfunding campaign:

It probably needs to happen seamlessly…

Hi @MarieScheurer !

I find that the proposition (for Germans) can make a difference: when you are asked to come and commit to do something and be responsible for it is different than when you are asked to join a social gathering, or simply have fun.

A proposition I loved was the one by Tonguesten (here on Edgeryders) - who are mixing language with culture, and frame it as being part of a community of language learners.

Any idea of why they are reluctant and don’t want to feel obligated?

Matter of Time

Guess Germans want to spend the little freetime they have without getting stressed about more appointments. They just want to do what they feel like in that moment. If somebody wants to join spontaniously that´s fine.

We are in touch with the people from let´sintegrate and are willing to extend their program on a less obligative way but to rise out of a situation.

Thank´s for your comment!


Bravo for campaign!

@MarieScheurer @Cindy @HoneyMk well done! With Edgeryders members from all over we will spread the word, let’s see if it helps the project.

Thank you for the feedback and your support!!!

Hallo Marie, curious if you guys ended up building/deploying this?