Las Indias, an Edgeryders precursor?

… of course they would think we are Las Indias imitators. Brought to you by one of the first people to share their ryde, [neal gorenflo] of Shareable. On first sight, the main difference seems to be the different flavor of the core group: theirs is “like kibbutzim”, ours is itself a subnetwork. So, they seem to be a network with a kibbutz at the core, while we are a network that becomes a little denser towards the center but does not clearly differentiate between center and non-center. I am curious about the business model. Enjoy!

Wow, this is interesting. Behold convergence! How can we find out more about the business model and mb remix it?

See who’s come to visit!

I just discovered that Las Indias is actually on Edgeryders. Welcome, [lasindias]!

Hi from las Indias!!

Hi!! Sorry because we didn’t find this post until today!! It is funny because we have posted in our blogs some months ago on un-monasteries, asking ourselves if they are the european kibbutzim :slight_smile:

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Hi back!

Great minds think alike :slight_smile:

I am not sure… the Edgeryders/unMonastery crowd seems more anglo-pragmatic, driven not so much by opposition to The System as by hacking around to find something that would just work. We may end up doing very similar stuff, though.


Anyway really interesting and more similar to us probably than we originally thought… We are really interested in getting in touch!!

Words for breakfast!

This is certainly food for thought and an excellent way to wake up! In one of the many posts on the unMonastery we were thinking of inviting some people on our Community Calls which could inspire us in our making-of.

[Ben] how about discussing this over our marathon weekend in London? It would be lovely to know more about [lasindias] and how their vision meets the unMonastery and how their experience can help us out in making it work…


We are now based in Bilbao too, so… we have direct cheap flights to London. When will you meet there? It could be great to find you and starting a new transnational conversation!!!

Place and hour!

Please! Tell us place, hour, etc. We gonna try to organize it (in the first week of december many of us have to be in Buenos Aires, but we will seriously try!!)

Just to be clear…

Sorry, since you guys are coming from afar I feel the need to give you full information.

The meeting in London is – if I am not mistaken – an initiative of some people experimenting with a collaboration format called Form Storm. The person driving it, [K] is based in Malmo, Sweden: logistics is complicated, so double check with them before hopping on a plane!

It the event indeed happens, and to the extent that they fly the Edgeryders colors, that would be, of course, an “official” Edgeryders event (if the notion of officiality even makes sense in a network context); and, if [Ben] shows up, you’ve got the main man in the unMonastery there – he lives in London, so the chances are quite high. Of the five people in Edgeryders LBG, on the other hand, only [AD_admin] is considering going.


… and do you have a meetings agenda or something so we will plan with a little more time?

Just done it :frowning:

Unfortunately, we are just back from our main yearly event that brought us all together – this year it happened in Italy. What exactly would you like to discuss? Based on this, we can suggest people that you should definitely meet and make it happen based on that. We are based all over the continent, and on top of that we do quite a lot of traveling!

Por fin!!

Thanks to your last post in your personal blog we finally understood Edgeryders!!

Yes! It is a very similar evolution to that we had during the last twenty years: from a transnational conversational online community to a «phyle», a transnational community empowered with businesses.

Are you a coop? An «european coop» -as it is named according to european laws? Have you made any discussion on this subject?

Por fin, sin duda :slight_smile:

There is probably an attractor there: people want an interface that looks like a business, you build them one. It’s mimesis!

We are not a coop. There are several reasons for this. We are a UK Limited By Guarantee, which is a nonprofit form used by many social enterprises in Britain. We are not (especially) British, but our CFO [AD_admin] knows the UK very well; and, since he has to manage the legals, it was important that he was comfortable with the civil and tax code in the country of incorporation. We also considered Belgium and Sweden as possible alternatives.


Gee, dunno yet. Maybe [ben] or [fortyfoxes] can help out on this one? I know we planned to meet up on Sat 30th and Sun 1st. Venue is not a problem, apparently and if u need a place to crash I am sure we will figure out something. I am traveling non stop until London (i’ll be getting thereon the 27th) and staying just for making of unmon session. so i am positive its gonna happen. how about we decide the hours ourselved? I would go for a full time Saturday and an easy Sunday with maybe some on air sessions with Edgeryders who want to know how stuff is evolving and give their feedback.

Opinions, anyone?

London Meetup!

Hey [lasindias] and all people concerned: [Ben] created an event which explains what’s going to go on during the unMonastery weekend. Feel free to join, comment and give us your feedback!

Thanks Ilaria!! We will share it and try to get in touch with you in order to know better your firm and projects!! We think we share many things and we could cowork in a close future!


Hey [lasindias], Cool you’re here! I can do the short intro to the FormStorm if you like. In any form appropriate&any channel, as long as it is online. Ping me on twitter @ERsweden or @j32804 if you already have questions/want to join us for the FormStorm prototype edition.


London meeting is planned the weekend of the 30th of November - 1st of December. This would be grandiose!

Keep us posted!