Last minute preparations for the Food sessions:

30 October on Zoom

Time: Oct 30, 2020 06:00 PM Brussels

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Meeting ID: 856 8088 6227
Passcode: 038560

We have several roles for the team:

  1. Content moderator @Noemi
  2. Technical moderator @MariaEuler
  3. 5 Breakout sessions moderators: @Wolha, @bojanbobic, @Noemi, Angelo, @nadia.

NB: ONLY the technical moderator joins the session from the Edgeryders account.

Our preliminary program for the session:

18:00 - Introduction from EdgeRyders; recording starts.

18:15 - Discussion with Angelo di Mambro and Pacôme Elouna Eyenga. You will be able to ask questions! - @noemi moderates.

18:45 - Breakout sessions: meet other participants:

  • technical moderator assigns participants to the breakout rooms with 1 moderator (no other criteria for assigning)
  • moderators ask the 1 question we have prepared in advance and take notes.
  • No need to record the breakouts.

19:00 - Summary discussion of key challenges :

  • session recording resumes
  • first, we ask people to take 5 minutes to fill in a Tell Form with 3 questions:
    Edgeryders Forms
  • after that, the discussion continues

19:45 - Invitation to join a future collaboration - @nadia

After the event: Summary post + Participants comments from the Tell Form + Conversation animated by community managers

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Instructions for Moderators:

  • Introduce yourself in the beginning of the breakout

  • Make sure everyone has the chance to speak. Don’t hesitate to jump in if you see someone is monopolising the conversation

  • If someone is saying something interesting, ask things like: why do you think that is? anyone else here have experienced the same situation?

  • Don’t worry about the time, we have 15 minutes total and the breakout sessions will be closed by the technical moderator

  • Take notes in the chat or computer - keep track of who says what, just the important things if you can’t type very fast. Save the notes and keep them and we’ll ask you to post them later!

  • Smile!

Script for your introduction (if you need it)

Hello everyone, it’s good to meet you, my name is x, I come from y and live in z, and I will be moderating the group discussion for 15 minutes. The goal is to answer together an important question. Because our time is limited, I ask you to each reflect on this:

Where are your personal obstacles to working in a way that promotes food sustainability?
Maybe something said in the session was relevant to you, maybe you’re facing other obstacles? Take a few seconds to think about it… and whoever wants to start can do it. This should be a friendly chat where we share with each other.

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I am trying to get into the meeting, which I believe has started, but it tells me it is waiting for the host and just spins. Oh wait - a check of the time seems to indicate that I am now 8 hours away instead of 9.

It’s in 45 mins John…

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The clocks here change tomorrow night. Looks like they changed already over there.

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