Last round of housekeeping before launch (whole team, read carefully!)

Today we recorded the footage for the crowdfunding video. From what I understand, @augusto has advised we do not go live with the crowdfunding campaign without the video. Timeline now is:

  • Early next week we have a rough cut
  • Wednesday 16th we have the final cut.

By then, we need to do at least the following:

  • @alberto: write the call for co-authors
  • @irene_1: confirm the venues, including XR workshop + party
  • @ilaria: confirm the economist, if possible with plan A and B
  • @augusto and @haf: review the list of rewards. I already explained to Augusto what I suggest it contains. Also keep an eye on the video process.
  • @nadia: hire a local comms person (Ilaria: I am funding this by foregoing my own salary).

Anything else?

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