Le Programme 3 (private units)

Hi @reeflings,

The next step for the architects will be to divide the 1905 m2 of ‘logements’, foreseen in the last feasibility study of JET-14, in studios, apartments and common spaces.

This survey will ask your input about your private unit, the options and the bike spaces you would like to have in The Reef.

Please fill in this survey by 26/06/2024, so Team Building can compile/verify the results and send it to the architects around the beginning of July.

If you have filled in the survey, you can still modify your results as long as the deadline hasn’t passed.

If any questions, ask them here via this thread or contact Team Building via a message.


@els, can you please remind me where i can find the architects plans & drawings of JET-14, as i have no idea where is obelix and other buildings, so difficult to answer some questions.
I guess this is it, right?

hi @ugne ,

here is the folder where you’ll find all recent info: Login – Nextcloud
0. Content of this folder.odt explains what every file/documents represents…

I don’t know if you’ll find the names, obelix, asterix, idefix…
Obelix: big building on the street side: with elevator and where now the commons, parking spaces,… are situated.
Asterix: is the building in the middle
Idefix: is the building in the back.

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@marcelh : sorry, forgot about you, can you also fill in the survey (link above)?



hi @reef-full @reef-associate ,

you probably noticed, the deadline for filling in the survey of ‘Le programme’ of the private units has moved. As our goal is to introduce ‘Le programme units’ and ‘Le programme common spaces’ to the architects by mid-August, you still have time till August 10 th to modify your data if you wish.

@Sarah @ChrisM @Dave_behave @Laurianne @Tinne @Koen
You haven’t yet filled in the form, can you do so before August 10th?

If you have any questions about the survey => contact reef-building