Lead a community call and document it online (1/3 ticket)

To get your ticket to Living on the Edge 5, you need to either lead 3 of these calls, or pick up other tasks in addition to this one.

Community calls are where we brainstorm ideas for the event and create for participants to take on over the week ahead. @Ireinga and @KiraVde, our lead organisers, have started to organise community calls regularly. We need more people to drive them.

The way to do it is announce it here on Edgeryders by creating an event (see Events in the main menu) two weeks ahead so we can gather people. An example here. You would let us know what you want to talk about, then others coming will help fill in the agenda. After the call, whoever leads it takes responsibility to post a summary on the event page. And then task is considered done and your ticket coming up!

Questions? Shoot below.