Leading thinkers are poor?

What happens when you have an innovative idea and its contribution can make the world a better place to live in? Do you automatically earn enough to settle down? Apparently not. Today Edgeryders try to decipher precarity in unusual circumstances. I’m Precariat, System D, a nomad: I need a place I can let go of as soon as the money dries up, and move somewhere cheaper. That’s what Edgeryder Vinay (aka hexayurt) says about his transition to a sustainable housing system. Read the whole story and help Vinay! How can he afford to remain a global thinker? And if you want to get busy, here are other interesting peaks into the lives of our community. Join the discussions that are taking place as I write this!

  • ryding edges in mass protests. T_indignadx talks about overcoming fear in \#occupy Paris's La Défense.
  • life can turn around in a parking lot! Neal is our executive-turned-sharer-turned-Edgeryder and was already nominated as Edgemapper (this means he is a source of inspiration for the community)
  • Waterfall is a 21 year old engineer from Mumbai who wants to work with renewable energy. Already got a creative advice from a generous Edgeryder, check it out here.