Learn how to become a crowdmagician!

New to the Edgeryders or LOTE scene and want to understand how we work? Maybe you participated in previous events but don’t feel you have a “birds eye” view of how we build this? This task is an opportunity to learn while contributing to making LOTE5 the best one so far!


LOTE events are built from the ground up by a lot of people who work together online as a distributed team in the months before each event. Over the years we have done a lot of experimentation around how to do this in fun, effective ways on no budget. In this task we build the participatory event building campaign for LOTE5 years edition based on what has proven to work well in the past. Whenever possible, we do this in ways that build on previous efforts and learnings. This makes it an excellent opportunity to learn while contributing to moving the work of building lote5 forward.

To complete this task is simple:

1. Do a search the edgeryders.eu  for “LOTE4”

2. Go through the posts starting from the oldest

3. Every time you come across a call for action add it to this document (use the specified format): http://bit.ly/1O058K9

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have a question. Someone else is probably struggling with the same thing, by sharing you are helping us all to get better together. Just leave a comment below and I (or anyone else who sees it before me) will answer within a day or so.

Image credit: Run by Alex Podolsky