Learning as a social activity

We also believe in live teaching, through dialogue and interaction. There are now a wide range of excellent online courses. Many of them are free, and our aim is to build upon these public resources not simply replicate them. Our aim is to concentrate on the social process of learning, but to do this in a manor suitable to the age of the internet. In an age where so much content is freely available to anyone with a mobile phone and an internet connection, it is the group experience, the motivation and co-learning that comes from working together with other people in real-time, that is valuable. We believe that this social dynamic is crucial to the effective transformation of static information into effective teaching.

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Measurement of Social Dividends

Experience Based Learning is essential to Viral Academy as I understand this, I wanted to suggest how to measure group workings. As pointed earlier there are many free platforms to do this, I had issued an invitation for peer to peer evaluation online via TeamMates,

And then, of course there is a library of evaluation techniques by Nominet Trust,

Social Impact model reference to Nominet Trust Impact Evaluation and Monitoring tool and evidence based measurements, from the resource bank of Nominet Trust.

What do u recommend, how do we measure Value Added Learnings (VAL) that incorporates co-learning in real time?

Teaching teaching

Well, if the VA is supposed to be viral, its students need to become teachers. This is what I found elegant and attractive in the project as I first heard about it. And teaching to teach is something that does not happen in online courses ā€“ not the ones I have attended, at least.  Any provision for that?