Learning more about a hybrid legal structure with a cooperative: appointment with Joost to be made

@reef-finance: I have received a reply from Joost, the founder of De Okelaar. He is a qualified lawyer and in charge of the financial aspects in Okelaar.

He says he is willing to make time for us to answer our questions about a hybrid legal structure with a cooperative to manage the common spaces. He charges 50 euro / hour + VAT.

He asked to send him some proposals for time slots (in the evening) and as many questions as we can think of.

Would somebody be willing to take the lead on this one?

PS: This is the list of questions I sent in my initial email

  • What happens if there is not enough revenue to pay out a dividend?
  • Any other risks linked to the cooperative legal structure?
  • How was the financing in Okelaar divided between cohousing owners and family/friends/fools?
  • For financing (i.e. money brought in) by cohousing owners: how did the bank handle this? Is it possible to get a mortgage for this, or is this something people need to be able to pay for by themselves?
  • How did you manage to convince the family/friends/fools to invest in Okelaar?
  • What happens if a cohousing owner sells their unit?

@alberto and @GiuSeb: would you be willing to take this one on?

Since we are paying here, we should be moving with extra care. I propose to put this item onto the agenda of @reef-finance’s next meeting. I started a document to prepare the questions, and added this acivity to the relevant Deck card. At the same time, I know Céline had taken on the task, and do not want to duplicate any work she might already be doing. Where are you with this, Céline?

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Sorry, I had forgotten about this. Sorry for interfering!