Let rise and rebuild nation

NEPAL is developing country. Day before a month our nation suffer a lot by destructive earthquake. We all Nepalese also suffer but all are thinking about our nation "NEPAL’’. Nepal had been destroyed a lot. Becoming the citizen of Nepal, we all should be involved to rebuild the nation. We all should forget the past and rise up. Being a young generation we must encourage the people who were old, small and unable. We should try to bring hopes to the hopeless people. Each and every person needs and wants support, affection and love to forget those painful wounds. We all know that we Nepalese lost lots and lots of things of our life. The destruction of our buildings and National properties which we all missed them. Not only buildings but also lots of souls of our close and near ones which made us sad and weakened our heart, but we mustn’t stay still on that painful and sorrowful situation, thoughts and memories, we must go ahead if not then we will mess our life, future and the World.