Let's save our life and environment! :)

Hi, Friends!!! I’m a ‘‘new entry’’! Nice to meet you all!!! I’m a modest environmental engineer and a violinist! I would be so enthusiast to give my humble contribute to this project! I always thought that Our Environment needs a kind of control and a continuous monitoring! I love working on GIS software about hydrogeological risk! Good Luck to everyone! Let’s keep taking care of our world!!! My Best Wishes to All You! :wink:

So welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, @Antonella_Dimotta. I see your agenda is quite ambitious. :slight_smile:

Lots of OpenStreetMap interesting things are going on in Matera, thanks to @simonecortesi, @piersoft, @napo and @elf Pavlik. Not Bangladesh yet, but it is a good idea to build up our civic geohacking muscle before we venture out into more difficult terrain. Make sure you talk to hem. And worst case scenario, see you at OSMIT14, the meetup of the Italian OpenStreetMap community, which will happen in Matera in September.

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Thank You very much!

Hi, @Alberto!

First, I’d like to thank you one more time for your ‘welcome’! It’s a great pleasure to me! :slight_smile:

I’ll follow your precious suggestion about talking to Simone, Pier, Napo and Elf Pavlik! Great! I will, of course!

I’m going to partecipate at the meetup of the Italian OpenStreetMap community in Matera in September! Thank you for this info! :wink:

Have a good continuation, Alberto!