Let's schedule a graphryder training for the group!

Calling @hugi and of course @Nica. In mid-June, the coding will be finished, and it will be time to move on to data analysis. As part of this move, I would like to get the whole @rebelethno group up and running with Graphryder. Hugi, would you be up for scheduling a session or two?

Also: as we have now finalized the budget, how about agreeing on a formal set of goals for the development of GR?

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Sure thing. I can suggest a couple of dates and those can then be synced with the @rebelethno team.
I suggest either May 31st at 10:00 to 11:30 or June 2d at 10:00 to 11:30.

Yes, let’s do that once we’ve had the session. I recommend we have the first session, allow people to play around with it, then gather feedback, and then draw up a development plan.

May 31st at 10.00 works for me. June 2nd is Betty Windsor’s platinum jubilee bank holiday over here, so I’ll be on holiday - in Belgium, coincidentally.

Unfortunately I am not available May 31 – I am coming back from holiday weekend that day (Memorial Day weekend in the US). I am available June 2, but 10 am Brussels time would be 4 am New York time…would it be possible to have it a bit later in the day?

The whole week we have states’ exams and bachelor thesis defenses at my university which I need to attend as a staff. I won’t be available on 2nd June for sure (I’m sitting at the exams committee 9-15), there is some probability I can make the 31st (there will be only one defense I need to sit in, I could ask department’s assistant to schedule it before or after 10-11:30).

Alright, how about a bit later?

10:00 to 11:30 on June 9th or June 10th?

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Hi hugi, this would work for me, but I think @Nica still wouldn’t be able to attend because of the NY time difference.

Hi all, my schedule is flexible around this time so I will adjust to your final decision :slight_smile:

this would be OK with me :+1:t4:

@Nica - when are you back?
Unfortunately it’s more complicated for me in the afternoon these days due to other commitments

I am back on the 31st in the afternoon, but that is evening your time.

When I asked about “later” I meant later in the day, not later in terms of date. 10 am your time is middle of the night my time. If June 2 could be done later in the day – for example, 13.00 or 14.00, that would be great.

I am also away and not available for Zoom meetings June 10-17 (it’s on the calendar) because I will be on a research trip with very limited internet.

Has a date/time been fixed?

Unfortunately we ran into a little bit of a scheduling gridlock @Richard. Due to commitments and Blivande, almost no afternoons are possible for me in May or early June.

Starting next week, things are better for me in terms of time, but then @Nica leaves on the 10th.

Let’s do a Doodle and see what works: Doodle

@Richard @Nica @SZdenek @Maniamana @jitka.kralova @alberto

@Nica @SZdenek @Maniamana @alberto
Have you had time to look at the Doodle above?

Alright, it’s already looking like June 9th at 14:00 CET is the only possible date. I hope that could work for @SZdenek and @Maniamana too. @alberto, if you could join too that would be great, but not required.


Should work. Could you put it in the calendar?

Yes, works for me perfectly!

It looks like I have somehow lost edit access to the calendar @alberto, so if you can put it there that would be great!

Hi. June 9, 14:00 cet works for me fine. I will be there. Z.

Hey @hugi,

How long is the training going to be?