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Tweet It9. #Lote2 is ours to make. Everyone joining please pick a challenge & shape the session with your team! http://edgeryders.ppa.coe.int/page/choose-your-team

Tweet It8. Join a team on #edgeryders and help prepare #lote2 #actionables http://edgeryders.ppa.coe.int/page/choose-your-team

Tweet It7. Plz Rt: Do you live in #Brussels? Have a guest room or bed? Want to host lovely guests to #lote2 event dec 6-9?http://edgeryders.ppa.coe.int/blog/2012/10/edgeryders-are-coming-to-brussels-in-december-save-the-date/ …   

Tweet It6. #Lote2 will be as great as the community makes it, come help organize it, be an @Edgeryders #COMMUNITYHERO! http://edgeryders.ppa.coe.int/community-heroes

Tweet It5. I took the LOCAL ACTION HERO CHALLENGE for #lote2! Preparing the session here: http://edgeryders.ppa.coe.int/local-action-heroes

Tweet It4. #Lote2 is ALL collaborative:three challenges up and ready to roll. Where do YOU fit in? http://edgeryders.ppa.coe.int/page/choose-your-team

Tweet It3. Edgeryders next iteration is about taking action. Know any #localheroes #dogooders making communities more #resilient & #cohesive? http://edgeriders.ppa.coe.int/local-action-heroes #lote2

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Tweet it1. Let’s make #lote2 together. #Volunteer with us! can you contribute more?

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