Let's visualize math: Sidi Kaouki

Hey awesome guys!

My name is Abdellatif Belkadar (@abdobelk), A computer programmer & 3D artist.
So far I’ve been working on 3D visualization, web design & development, packaging design, print design…

Behance: https://behance.net/abdobelk
99Designs: https://99designs.com/profiles/abdobelk


A 3D visualization software that draws in real-time math functions:

  • Mode 1: One-variable functions f(x)
  • Mode 2: Two-variable functions f(x,y)
  • Mode 3: Implicit surface function f(x,y,z) = 0

Each mode has many features such as calculating the derivatives and drawing the tangent line or plane…


This was my graduation project, bachelor in applied math & computer science, university Cadi Ayyad, FSTG class 2011.

The problem it will solve:

I believe this software will help improve the way math is taught, and help students better understand some theoretical concepts which are hard to understand on papers.

Current project:

The current software works on Windows & Linux systems, here is a video screenshot of the prototype:


As a future plan, I plan to bring this software to a wider audience, and as the way people use technology nowadays, I think it’s better to re-code it for mobile systems such as iOS & Android, notably on tablets. This will require efforts & quite some time. I could use any help I can get!

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


It looks good! But why would you visualize a 2D function in 3D? It just seems to make things less intuitive, at least to me.

The core of this software is based around a 3D environment. 2D functions just happened to be a consequence rather than a goal.

I see. What would you like to do with the Sidi Kaouki crowd (also ping @hazem).

I’ve seen a project about coffee beans roaster, I can help with my 3D skills to visualize the device.

Correct, we have an initiative about an open source coffee roaster. However, that will stay in the planning stage for quite some time, as we are busy with the open source coffee sorter project right now.

If you’d like to help us with the 3D modelling of the coffee sorter, very welcome! If so, let’s discuss this further in the development topic for the first version of that machine.


Sure! I’d like to help anyway I can :slight_smile:
I’ll join the development topic discussion.

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