Letter / Headlines

Dear Countonmes

As you decided to become part of the headlines project and became interested in a social media experiment, and as this headlines sharing process never got as big and community based as we always expected and wanted it to be, I would like to ask a few questions before we completely drop the idea:

  1. Do you see headlines as a tool of promoting and informing about your projects and news in your own surrounding? Did you know that this was one of the major ideas driving the countonme list?

  2. Is the form of the headlines, or their content, or anything else, the obstacle in both reading and sharing the news?

  3. Is there something you think should be changed, improved, abandoned here?

Your feedback is very important to us in order to decide if our idea is worth giving it a longer try, or maybe it is rather a waste of our energy.


Noemi’s version:

[CountOnMe headlines] Are Edgeryders really counting on you in the weeks ahead?

Dear Anna, Bob, …

Thanks for joining CountOnMe, a little experiment we’re running at Edgeryders to help each other make projects shine and bring more bright minds together through a shared social media effort. We’re one month away from the community annual event - Living On The Edge: The Stewardship (Lote) and it would be awesome if you decide to help out with this final push. Perhaps you’re coming to Lote? Perhaps friends of yours are / should be in Matera, visit the unMonastery and meet fellow Edgeryders? The best time to show the team you can be really counted on is now.

You can start by sharing this today on twitter, facebook or any channel of your choice. Wording is up to you, but these are some examples:

post with key lote4 highlights (upcoming)

If Lote isn’t exactly your cup of tea, remember you can opt out by a simple reply to this email, no harm done.

If you have your own project news to share with the world, send them in, also in a reply to this email.

If you have questions or feedback for the Countonme team, this is the place to share them.

Sending much love,


@Alberto , take a look and let me know if this is all right.

Added my own version

Natalia, I’m thinking since you’ll be in Matera in a few days and busy with onsite logistics, I can take this off your back and send small group emails, then keep up the countonme headlines until Lote. hope this works for you.

I think I wouldn’t mind doing it, but if you want it, sure. We can also switch from time to time.