Link to an Article called "Shared Spaces: Community Living in the 21st Century"

Follow this link to a US-centered article in the Harvard Political Review looking at a new movement of young people living together and how that compares and contrasts with the communal counterculture movement of the 60s and 70s. And it contains a link to this world map of ecovillages.

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check out this game i found called the landlord’s game:

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thanks for the map! barbara

Thanks John! I found the intentional community I lived on - Neot Semadar - thanks to the wonderful Intentional Communities network database where you can search for communities/ ecovillages etc. based on your own personal terms. Really important I think so that people can be specific about the nature of communal life they want to explore.

One of the things I appreciate about how the communal movement is evolving is how more and more people are doing it temporarily and nomadically. For example, The School of Making Thinking who I also collaborate with host temporary communal conditions for living-learning-making each summer in various locations. I like how the transience of these conditions offers a reflexivity, accessibility and flexibility.

Right. What I am trying to get at are the things one should know regardless of what specific arrangement you choose. I know that my own experience is not duplicate in certain specifics. But what governing or operating principles can I distill from it that are of value.