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If you follow international news, then you know the USA is going through its own version of nationalism/populism. Here is a study that differentiates to various polarities going on in the USA today…called “Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape.”




"America’s knack for maintaining an air of robust innocence in the wake of mass death struck Hitler as an example to be emulated. He made frequent mention of the American West in the early months of the Soviet invasion. The Volga would be “our Mississippi,” he said. 'Europe—and not America—will be the land of unlimited possibilities.”



I find experiments like this fascinating, and the only way to combat what I call a paradigm prison. Let me give you an example…My accent drifts between northern euro english, and midwest american drawl. I get different service in scottish pubs or french bistros or american diners based on which I use (classic code switching). The most profound change though was when I wore a handlebar moustache. People smiled at me more, gave me compliments, struck up conversations at bus stops. Sometimes other men avoided me or scowled, but mostly, life became more positive. The fact that I could wax it up or leave it down, meant I could experiment daily, even hourly, in the differences in treatment. Throw in differences in accents, and it was fascinating. Have a different accent with moustache down, and you get ‘othered’, have a different accent and mustache up ‘you must have a few stories to tell’. It made me wonder how much of masculinity is pushed onto us as opposed to chosen by us. After all, you get grumpy when every stranger scowls at you, and cheerful when strangers give you compliments. Now, what other experiments can we find?


It’s interesting. I wonder if this is true across cultures. E.g how does it pan our in consensus driven contexts?


Here is a video about millennials in the workplace, but it is also about the nature of addiction to social media and how that plays out. Some excellent points being made here…


Worth reading and understanding, esp if we think based on the news that everything is always going wrong…


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AKA AOC, is the face and voice of hope in America today. I hope I can help vote this marvelous young woman into the White House someday.

In this video she gives her inaugural speech to her constituents in NYC.