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And 40% of Obama’s are not real.


The darker side of Apple:




Long article, good prose style so pretty easy to follow considering the complexity of the subject matter. Well worth the time…






Son can’t afford insulin and dies


It can be cured it seems. Koreans have a natural remedy.


You sure about that?


I heard a South Korean, talking about it. He said he was sick and was cured he no more needs insulin. He had to loose weight and watch his diet.
@Gammarra do you have any information about this?


Not much they seem to be doing reporting all over the place and hindawi is not the most trustable academic source. as they are a for profit.

as a rule of thumb, curing chronical diseases shoudl always be taken witha grain of salt.


Insects dying off


Smaller is better in public transportation


Don’t get your valentime an internet connected sex toy


Amazon tribe creates 500-page traditional medicine encyclopedia


A fascinating and weird article about “The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America.” Not a pretty picture.


This is a link to an article in TechDirt about the impossibility of content moderation at scale.