List of deliverables

To have at hand, this is the list of our deliverables in TREASURE project, due dates and leaders:

  • D2.3. : Participatory Social Impact Assessment (Due in Month 30, December 2023)
    Lead: @nadia. This is linked to the task 2.3. No details about the report itself in the GA, but we agreed when the project was launched that this will be the report on insights into different societal groups’ understanding, and assessment of impact, resulting from the outreach efforts (community journalism) informed by the ethnographers. Reason: WP2 and WP4 are separated, report on ethnography is in WP4.

  • D4.5. : Report on ethnography of CE in the automotive industry (1st version) (Due in Month 15, September 2022)
    Lead: @amelia

  • D4.6. : Report on ethnography of CE in the automotive industry (final version) (Due in Month 33, March 2023)
    Lead: @amelia

  • D10.1 : H - Requirement No. 1 (Due in Month 3, August 2021). Delivered.
    Lead: @alberto
    The procedures and criteria that will be used to identify/recruit research participants must be submitted as a deliverable. The informed consent procedures that will be implemented for the participation of humans must be submitted as a deliverable. Templates of the informed consent/assent forms and information sheets (in language and terms intelligible to the participants) must be kept on file.

  • D10.2 : GEN - Requirement No. 2 (Due in Month 6, November 2021). Delivered.
    Lead: @alberto
    A thorough analysis of the ethics issues raised by this project and the measures that will be taken to ensure compliance with the ethics standards of H2020, and in alignment with SDGs (particularly SDG8, SDG10, SDG12 and SDG13) and Agenda 2030.

We don’t have any official milestones in the project, however note that in the task 2.3. we mention:

  • the rules of engagement/netiquette,
  • community managers active from Month 5,
  • community journalism program,
  • 10 onboarding events (e.g. participatory co-creation workshops),
  • coding ontology in the form of wikis,
  • a set of dedicated KPIs (e.g. # of participants, # of forum posts, # of onboarding events, % of
    nodes in the SSNA) will be measured,
  • data management plan.

When preparing deliverables please use the following template (make a copy of this document and edit), to avoid double work.

Upload your deliverable on Treasure teams or our Google Drive and inform me when ready.

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