Litterature Arts & Economics - help greatly appreciated

I´m new here and looking for some help =)
I just started my new position working for the Swedish Government (Kulturbryggan under Konstnärsnämnden) with developing new ways of funding art in Sweden. I´m looking for academic papers, blogs, books and such on the relationsship between art and economics. Maybe there´s “old classics” or “squeaky new co-creative art-collective reflections” or “art mecenats confessions” - anything you think will help =)
Thanks a bunch!


Welcome to Edgeryders @Lejfjord! Happy to see you here. :slight_smile:

I would like to summon the expertise of @bob! And maybe @matteo_uguzzoni, @noemi? @alberto - who do we know in the economics crowd? Who else @nadia?


Hey @hugi @Lejfjord. Happy to help if I can. Will need a bit more detail though about what is needed, and what the vision is for development and change. I have worked on issues of cultural policy and with cultural funding structures for a rather long time, and the objectives need to be clear before embarking on research. There are many rabbit holes in which to fall! What I suggest is a call, if that’s possible, rather than exchanging messages here. That will allow us to get to know each other better, and for me to understand precisely what you are looking for.


You came to the right place!

Check out the scifi econimics lab part of the forum in general here:

We have an online webinar about the progress of our Worldbuilding Akademie on the 7th of December, which would.probably a great oportunity for you to meet a lot of people thinking and working just about that:

Hey Bob,
Thanks! will send you a pm for meeting setup.

Thanks Maria - Exciting! Will look into that!

Hey Jesper. How about 11th. Best time for me is between 11h30-13h30 GMT, or after 16h GMT. I’m in Edinburgh.


Great - let’s do 12-1pm GMT
See you then!
Zoom or what do you prefer?

Thanks. Friday 12pm GMT is fine for a call. Zoom or Skype are fine. Do you want me to send you a Zoom link?


Dear @bob and @Lejfjord, we are very happy you met here and are meeting to connect, however, we want to share with you that we had some bad experiences after sharing zoomlinks publically in the past. Sometimes they can go beyond our nice community and we had instances of disturbing zoom bombing. Therefore I would recommend you share direct zoomlinks only via direct/personal messages.

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Thanks. See you Friday 12 gmt.


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