Live Action Role-playing the City

Sharing here the invitation for participants to this LARP workshop happening online, June 3-5. There are still a couple of places left. Here’s the Facebook event too.

“This weekend-long workshop explores performative artistic research in the context of urban surroundings. How can cities be approached by means of LARPs? How can LARP exercises be used for questions dealing with the city? What kind of power structures emerge?..The workshop is intended for spatial practitioners, researchers, or anyone are interested to work site-specifically in the context of public space.”

Interesting for our COESO project @matteo_uguzzoni @ivan @alberto


Just applied, I hope they accept!

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Thanks @marina !

Actually, I’m not sure this is true. A friend shared and I just copied, but it might be in person. If that’s the case, maybe it’s worth reaching out to them anyway, for any future stuff or collaboration.