Live chat service that's simple to integrate?

This is mostly a question for @owen as I’ve heard you did this before:

What is a quick-to-integrate live chat that we could add below a YouTube Livestream video when embedding it on our website? Meant for the upcoming Sci-Fi Economics Lab streaming. This could be a hosted solution or an open source tool to install on our server. In both cases, it should be embeddable to a webpage using an iframe or by including some JavaScript.


The YouTube documentation mentions that embedding the live chat is also possible, but that seems wrong – they disabled the feature and did not update the documentation. (Details, as much as I could find them.)

I looked through several hosted solutions already, but none of them are really suitable. CBox comes quite close but has this confusing error message when entering the name and pressing “Enter” instead of clicking into the edit box with the mouse …

We could also just use Twitter. I do not think this is a high priority, and should def not stress our tech.

Hey @matthias - I’ve implemented a simple chat module that uses - it’s fast and reliable. The page is up at

Currently there is a password set for people who have contributed €15+. I’ll send this over to you on Riot and it will have to be emailed or messaged to the funders on Indiegogo.

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Thanks @owen, good work.

I guess I will need someone in the room to man it, and find a way to pass the questions to Kirsten?


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