Live not Survive


my name is Emiliano. I’m italian and I live in Palestrina, a little city near Rome. I think that my life was and is a little bit crazy and unpredictable. In the past I stopped my studies after the period of military. Because I thought that was useless to study… I did all types of work: laborer, mason, painter, driver, worker… but in the summer of the 2000 I had a terrible incident with my truck and so I had serious problem with my leg. After 6 months the problemes were altmost solved… but I yet haven’t the power to work as a worker. I had difficult because I had few strenght… and so I decided that it was the time to start again to study very well… and so I start to study the HTML 4.0 and Dynamic. After one year I was writing in the university of comunication of Rome - Cooperation and development  and Relationship between the people. And so during this years that I decided to change my life…

I become also the Vice Presidente of Amnesty International of the Region Lazio. I spoke with many people about the situation of the Uman Right in Europe and in the World. I worked as voluntary in the “Protezione Civile”, I fighted a hard battle to found the money for “Cristina”, a child that she need help to have an operation in USA (200.000 Euro). Then I founded a my association to help the poor people. The name is “La Fenice” and with this association we helped the people of the eartquake of Aquila, poor and homeless and other similar dramaci events.

I’m very happy but I had fear that there was something I missed. I speak with many people and friends in my country, in the my Region and with other people in the Social Network, and I understood that I wasn’t lliving but I was surviving and with me there were a lot of people that was as me…

So I decided that I had to work not only for the social but also to contribute to improve the politic and the istitutions conditions. I started to interest me of the italian politic situation. Study new proposals, work to joined all the people and young to work all together so to have a good life in every city. During these years I worked in a famous Multinational: TNTLOGISTICS. And I was the coordinator about 60 persons. I had a good contract but I understood after some years that this wasn’t my work for my life!!

After I receveid a proposal to work in a segretary of the President of the Board of the Region Lazio. For me was a good opportunity and so I had to deal a no sample decision, but at the end I accepted and so started for me a new and unexpected new life. After one year the president become MEP and so I left for the Europe and Bruxelles.

About this moment start for me another life… :slight_smile:

I discovered the habits of another country. Political habits, cultural babits, istitution habits, and so and so…!!!

I undertood immediatly the opportunity of the europe and there understood that this was the time of my work… of my activity. I decided that I had a responsability: to bring this mentality and best practice in Italy. So the following year I went in every italian istitution to understand why the italian had not European identity!!! Why the italians don’t work as the other european people. Why the italians wasn’t able to take the European founding.

So my work, as european assistant was, and also now is, to bring the political news and work in Italy at the political italians but when I finisced at about 6.00 P.M. I went in the others istitutions to study and to understand the situation and how improve the italian situation. So this was a dream and a very ambitious, but step by step I was able to explain my projects and I was able to involve some actors to work all together.

At the beginning I tried to work with the official istitutions, because I would have like to increase the possibility to get founding in the right way! In the european way. Work with the lobby and built the italians relations as reliable… But this work was impossible. Becase I tried to work with the ANCI (is an istitution of the italian Commons) but they thought only at the political relations and at the money to share… and not at the work as know how and to understand the system!

So I with all my frustration, decided to take the private way and so in september of this year I founded the EDS Association- European Development Service. I’m the presidente and other persons are my members, all with two objectives: 1) of course try to gain something… 2) to improve the italian situation with the others country of europe about the political and economical situation of the little italian city but also the big city if is possible… My association is Belgian and the start is not very sample… Now we presented 3 projects: two progress and one tender (kind of projects).

I hope that we will succeeed to work very well and we could to improve the situation. We would educate the city as to work with other european city and so for this reason we have in the EDS a scientific Committee to have also course and learn the best way to work well.

Now for me this is all! :smiley:

If is possible to built a partecipate system to increase the contacts, to improve the possibility to live better and not to survive… so it would be fantastic :smiley:



That’s a lot of action!

Congratulations, that’s a lot you have done! Can I ask you how old you are?

I am going to focus on your present activity in the rest of my comment. So:

  1. you care about political and institutional improvement. That led you to the European Parliament in Brussels.
  2. you want to bring the Italian society more in sync with Europe. In your opinion, Italians don't really have an European identity; they don't share an European work style; one of the consequences of this is that they can't really operate with European institutions (for example, they are bad at accessing European funding).
  3. you don't think institutions in Italy are interested in correcting this problem
  4. so you decided to work from the private sector. You started an NGO which offers to better connect (mainly small) Italian cities with European networks.
Did I get this right?

The main question would be: why do you think that this is “living and not just surviving”? What is the difference? Is it money? When you were working as in logistics, was it surviving, and why?

If you are not comfortable with English, feel free to write in Italian or French, or any other language. Others are doing it already. If you are happy with English, even better. Don’t worry, if something is unclear people will ask.

I was sure to have you responded… but maybe there was a problem.

These were my answers:

It’s true, the italian haven’t an european identity. They build the “european train”, but they haven’t never risen above… They aren’t ready to work with other country, they are used to work alone and think that the european union as a cash machine (Bancomat)!!! A place where to go and take money and come back in Italy! They haven’t the open mind to work together to built the possibility to increase the opportunity for each municipality.

A big problem are the languages for he italian people. The italians can’t speak as they would with other people becase don’t know the english or the french… and this is a big problem because this problem stop the tipical italian creativity.

Infact these italian rigidity not allow to have good istitutions capable to access European funds. They thinks that the european funds are a waste of time because for them it’s better and far take funds by regional funds!!! They don’t thinks that working with the european country it’s important to increase and improve the know how and the big possibility for the area of the town and for all the citizens.

Many administrations think that is possible to work to obtain the european funds from Italy and simply take part of the call whyle we known that it’s important to work often near the commission (DG) and take part at the specific meeting!

Do you ask me if the institutions in Italy are interested in correcting this problem??? Yes, but before they would the money and then maybe understand what are the problem to be solved…!!! And often many municipality don’t need to know the problems…!!!

I spooke of “living and surviving” because it’s important to live any process as a protagonis and not always as a speactator! It’s important to built and manage any process and time of the life! It’s important to arrive step by step in the future and not only have the work ready as a gift package! Live the life with dignity and not with all the cares because they haven’t enought money to arrive at the end of the month! No is possible haven’t money to program the life in the future and have a good situation to built the better in own life…

Lo life in this way is very hard and orrible. This is surivive…

When I worked in the logistic I survived. I worked very much, very far of my house and my salary was very low and I hadn’t possibility to improve my future. I was only a spectator of my life and I was able to program my future…

Now I love my work also if the future is however uncertain.

But the thing that I hate is that if I have a good idea or some potentiality, nobody listens to me and helps me to realize my dream! But this is the way…


I hope that it’s all clear. tell me because if there are some problems I write in Italian way!

Ok, I get it

Out of the very rich answer here I think I have my answer: the difference between living and surviving is:

  1. being able to make plans, as opposed to being parlayzed by uncertainty about the future
  2. being able to make a difference: to propose ideas and see them treated with respect, and, maybe, be enabled to make it happen.
Which makes a lot of sense :-)

… and I like when I can taste this fantastic sense… :smiley:

I’m trying to understand as respect the istruction to come in Strasbourg, but I have some problem to find some information in the site… for example: "You post at least three mission reports, (we recommend “Share my Ryde”).

And then I would to post material to the EdgeRyders site, but where exactly? I would like to speak about EDS, my association and the problemi of the European identity in Italia!

By and thanks at all!


… and also the new concept of the politic and istitution for the municipality, with a partecipatory vision as a Wikicrazia :slight_smile:

It should good to built all together the instrument to activate the works with this vision…

But perhaps I’m running a lot…


Living or surviving?


i read about Emiliano’s story.

I think the thoughts he did are very interesting for me. My english isn’t so good, but i realize, as Alberto said, that everyone understand and pretend not to notice…::::.))). If someone don’t undertsand, answer to explain.

The question about living or surviving, i think is THE QUESTION right for a lot of people since 25 to 45 years old nowadays; even for the ones that don’t think so deeply, and the ones that didn’t have a life so complicated and full of new and different work experience.

i hope we will meet in Strasbourg, to know each other. By now i’will continue to follow you.


Reply Alberto!

I’m happy that you like my story!

I would like to continue writing in English, but if it’s uncleare I can also write all in Italian language. I hope that is a little bit clear…

I think that is very hard change in few time the situation of the italian istitutions. There are more different reason about the problems of the istituzion and of the european identity . The most important problem is the aging of the political. There are always the same people in the istitutions. The young people that would to enter in the policy, they are blocked and exploited… And there are old politicals that haven’t new knowledge and relations with other european people. They don’t know the new media istruments, internet and so and so… They don’t know the Policy 2.0 :smiley:

I think that the people survive in terms of the problem of the improvement of the knowledge. They are closed and with a “provincial” thought. they don’t know that to work and to communicate with other people of other country it’s very important. they think that the EU it’s as a “bancomat”, where arrive there take the money where is possible and then come back in Italy. they don’t know that the system it’s compltly different and they don’t know the system of the lobby. In Italy isn’t possible to continue only with the system of the recommendations!!!

The italians are persons very good and now it’s the time to change the situation and all the people that have contact with other country, they have the task to educate where is possibile in Italy with the knowlodge acquired with abroad experiences.

Furthermore, sure the survival caused of the employment contracts unsafe, precarious and that don’t take at the young securety for the future! The young don’t have future and the salrias are very minimum and so the people have serious difficult to arrive at the end of the month!

So every time that a youg man try to built a personal future with his personality, in Italy he hasn’t success, because there isn’t meritocracy and there isn’t the right way to have a good salary. So win only who know someone that can help him and it’s impossible to have aid, advices and italian or european founds.

So these are the reasons because we are surviving…

I have 33 years old and I don’t have enought money to built my house to live with my girlfriend and it’s very later… but I woulnd’t built something without my capacity and my strenght!!! But I have fear that buit the future in Italy it’s very impossible and so I should go away from Italy… but I don’t want…!!!


I hope that it’s clare… :open_mouth: