Local NGO in Malawi - Mangochi District

Hello :smiley:

I have just started working as a coordinator for a local NGO in Malawi, and will be moving there at the start of February.

There are 4 main projects that we implement in the Mangochi district; although this could expand if we were to secure more funds. In short, we have teaching, medical support (from primary care, general medical awareness, and a maternity ward), and a crop diversification project (my personal favourite). The organisation started of by charging volunteers money to come out, and money has always gone straight back into the projects; the main goal of the projects in the long run is to bring in sustainable income for the villages, especially the farming project. The director has always sought to avoid the voluntourism stigma though and is very selective of who he sends out, for example he sends a lot of professional nurses or teachers out who are either retired or need experience abroad. However, as projects have expanded, the organisation has shifted more towards a fully fledged NGO which requires more funding, hopefully through bigger donors.

I was wondering if the community had any information at all on attracting more funds into the organisation?

More than happy to talk about this over Skype, WhatsApp or something too! :slight_smile:


Hello @ChrisC!

Thank you for posting here and for being engaged in projects to make the world a better place!

I think the two topics of A) potentials and pitfalls of “volunteerism” and connected stigmata as well as B) how to scale and finance NGO projects are very relevant.

One good way to get more people engaged i the discussion and as such also potentially get in more ideas for how to attract funding would be if you could write a post elaborating a bit more on those points for people to react to or some more examples of the projects you are involved in to be able to discuss concretely.

We could also think about connecting that to a open zoom room call we could set up with you, where comunity members as well as people you or them invite could join, with you preparing a 15 min presentation of you projects and problems to discuss. The post could prepare an gauge the direction and interests regarding such a open call event. A potentil date could be the 4th of February in the evening 18:00 to 19:00 Brussels time. How do you feel about that?