Logistics, printing, food & other costs

LOTE5 as a well oiled machine: a wiki to inventory all we need…


Summary: we need 3 projectors in total! (at the moment we have only 2)

we need extension chords, as many as people can bring.

Collaborative inclusion (Fri all day)

  • paper, pencils, post-its, the usual

Let’s Build a Damn Damn!

  • - printer
  • - a few books
  • access to the space at least 20 min before to prepare it

Failures in development in Columbia (Fri from 15:00 onwards)

  • high resolution projector
  • darker room

Masters of Networks (Saturday all day) :

  • high resolution projector
  • flipchart, if not 2. 
  • we may need a printer

Food team

  • Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: coffee, tea, water all day.
  • THU: Team cooked dinner
  • FRI: Team cooked lunch | Catered dinner by Dum Tek Veg
  • SAT: Team cooked lunch | Dinner: Disco Soup 
  • SUN: Catered lunch (food trucks)
  • we need toasters!
  • add other meals and budget here


  • Room Names 

  • 160 A4 pages with the program (updated from 150)
  • 7 A3 pages (or larger) with the program for entrance + each room
  • 150 simple nametags + 70 individual bios; size A6 (105mmx148) (perforated for hanging); If you are using a professional print shop then the PDf is all set up for printing already. It needs to be printed double sided on A3 and then chopped down on the sides where the lines are marked. Because of the 3mm bleed around the edges you will get about 9 (3 across by 3 down) from each sheet of A2.
  • 1 A3 or larger FuckUp manifesto 
  • "How to document / Hackpad" poster in each room:
    • - Like co-documenting with others? Go to: https://lote5.hackpad.com/ and find the session. Group Hackpad on!
    • - Like to document in another way? That's great, too! After you're done, please upload your material here: /t/lote5-documentation/453 Look whether a post for the session already exist there. If so, add you material to the post. If not, open one and start the documentation of that session. Tadaah!"
  • SignUp Sheet for Documentation (brought by Noemi)
  • SignUp Sheet for Coordination 
  • Participant list & contacts for emergencies (brought by Noemi)
  • Talk to me bubbles on A4 (@Nadia?) available for download here: https://jaycousins.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/bubble3.pdf

Shopping list 

  • thick string for nametags
  • ER stickers (delivered by Noemi)
  • cutlery (disposable plates, cups .. )
  • 50 black markers!
  • 1200 posts-its.
    flip chart paper: 40 (or a roll of table cloth ;) )

    30-40 pens, different colors, rather thick, marker style. maybe cheapest version is to get some packs of felt pens for children.

    1 package of regular paper
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