Long story short

Why are you here?
I am part of the WP 5 project, and I am interested in this method as I do not know much about how it works, what the tools and principles are, that is why I am here.
What is the result of joining?
It is a great experience to join to this platform and to meet people with different backgrounds, interests and views. If you are living in your micro-environment and are surrounded by like minded people all the time, you might end up seeing a very narrow version of certain phenomena. It is refreshing to talk to people with different backgrounds, life trajectories and career path and time to time it if great if your views are challenged by others.
What are you interested in?
As a PhD student, my life is mostly about my PhD at the moment, I am writing my dissertation in the field of development studies.
What are you struggling with?
I am striving to find a healthy life-work balance- as every PhD student does :blush: – but I love running, I do some cross-country running and I often meet some of my PhD mates from Uni and my friends from Debrecen (where I used to live).


Thanks for this, @kszabo7, but: what is the meaning of “IE” and “IR”? Example:

Originally, we were supposed to produce an interview, while transcribing, I tried to record the dynamics, frequently these acronyms are used to represent IntervieweR and IntervieweE.

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haha. didn’t know about this, thanks for clarifying, perhaps edit the post to explain

“IE (interviewee): …” - at least for the first appearances of the acronym, because it would make it easier to read.

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Sure sure, @kszabo7 can do that:)

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Done :slight_smile: