Looking for a website content manager from Nepal (call closed)

Update: This call is closed now. As a result, we’re happy to welcome @anu as a new moderator on this platform. Thank you to everyone who applied or referred to their friends!


Edgeryders LbG, the company operating this community website, is looking to hire somebody from Nepal who can help us manage the content and community on this unwieldy website called edgeryders.eu :smiley: (And yes, this call for applications is only open to people currently residing in Nepal.)

Your way of working

We hope the following is attractive for you (and please tell us if not, we definitely want to be an attractive employer …):

  • This is self-directed remote work: over the Internet / work-from-home / work-from-anywhere, however you call it. We know this is quite unusual (esp. for Nepal), but you’ll like it. Provides lots of freedom, but also needs quite some personal discipline.
  • It’s part-time work. The exact amount of work hours will be negotiated with you, depending on how much time you have available. You can even job-share if there’s a need for it.
  • Work times are flexible and can be chosen freely. The only requirements are a certain amount of hours per week and month, and sometimes, to get some work done until a certain date.
  • Pay is 20,000 NPR per month. That’s not set in stone, but negotiable based on the exact number of work hours and your level of experience.
  • Initial duration is one year, but we hope it works out well and we can make this a permanent setup. You can quit any time, but please only apply if you envision yourself doing this part-time job for at least one year.
  • You will be paid as a freelance contractor after sending an invoice to our company, Edgeryders LbG. According to our knowledge, this is possible up to 3 lakhs NPR per year without having to register a business of your own in Nepal.

We have been and worked in Nepal before. Back then in 2015,
we had @meenabhatta, @anubhutipoudyal and @dipti_sherchan as local team members on our team. Pretty sure you can ask them how Edgeryders is as an employer. But also, they have set a pretty high standard for quality of work … and you don’t want to destroy our image of what “work made in Nepal” is like :slight_smile:

What would be your tasks

We all work remotely in our team, so we have a structured way to send each other tasks using our online platform and tools, and to have group conference calls when we need it. You’d be part of that internal process, and receive tasks like:

  • Website content manager on edgeryders.eu. That would be your main task, esp. in the first time. The basic issue to solve is that we have recently switched from the Drupal software to this (much better!) Discourse software to run edgeryders.eu, resulting in (so far) poor content organization on this site. Content re-organization will probably take 150 - 200 hours in total, and include tasks like:

    • tagging content with relevant tags
    • moving content to better categories, finding better category names and category structure
    • finding content related to certain topics and collecting it to a category of a current project
    • finding and fixing broken links (and automating that work with web tools and custom Ruby scripts … no need to know Ruby or another programming language though, we’ll teach you if you’re interested in that part)
    • fixing issues with formatting, spelling and grammar in the content
    • adding proper attribution for Creative Commons licensed images, and finding web tools to automate that job as much as possible
    • documenting problems you find with the website software in our Github issue tracker
  • Assistant for online community management. The initial time will probably a bit like a helpdesk, for which we will install the Zammad ticket management software for you. Whenever you don’t know what to answer to an e-mail, you’ll refer to one of our core-team people. Later, you can try your hand at actual online community management, writing here on edgeryders.eu to “orchestrate” the community towards great ideas and collaboration.

  • Assistant for copywriting, social media publishing, web research and administrative office work. This part will, for a good part, depend on your exact skills and interests. Don’t fear the administrative work though: we hate that too, and will do everything to automate it away :slight_smile:

  • Web-based outreach and publicity work for PayCoupons, a little startup company that I am involved in and that tries to provide a better alternative to money for small / struggling businesses.

You’ll mostly collaborate with @matthias (me, for the Discourse tech related tasks) and @noemi (for community management tasks, depending on how that works out).

What to bring

  • good knowledge of written English (it’s ok to use a spellchecker and other software tools if that helps you to write clear sentences with few mistakes)
  • not being afraid of repetitive and / or challenging computer work (… it will definitely be all of that at times, but remember you can always take a break :slight_smile: )
  • interest and skills to work with complex software and find ways to get it to do what you want
  • good habits in documenting your work and knowledge in written form – that’s essential since we’re working as a globally distributed team
  • a good Internet connection (you can work from a co-working space like BAC when needed)
  • a notebook computer

No need to feel intimidated by this list. Learning quickly is the most important skill, and we’ll be happy to show you everything you need to know for this job.

What you’ll learn

The software you will work with is Discourse, the best free & open source forum software these days, used by some of the largest online forums. So the skills you learn will be useful for similar work-from-anywhere jobs as Discourse moderator / content manager afterwards, and we’ll be happy to teach you as many advanced Discourse admin skills as you want to learn (including some programming on the Ruby console).

How to apply

Simply create an account and introduce yourself in a comment to this post. No need to provide cover letter, resume etc. … we don’t want to waste your time. Simply tell us a bit about you, your relevant experience, link us to content you wrote (blog etc.), or show in creative ways you’re the right person for the job. Again, don’t waste much time. This is just for an initial expression of interest.

We’ll then contact a few of your for an interview (voice or video call), and select one for a first month to try working together. And then proceed to work together, hopefully. (And even if not, the first month is fully paid, of course.)

Who we ware

Edgeryders LbG is a social enterprise founded in 2013 by @alberto, @nadia, @noemi and me (@matthias). We now also have @johncoate and @patrick_andrews on the core team, and whenever we do a client project we hire people from our online community (nominally ~3800 people, but of course less active ones).

One of our unusual properties is that our company is, in principle and in practice, open to new members in the core team: after working with us for a time (say, 1-3 years) and getting to know us well, you may discover that you like this environment, and we may want to talk about you joining us as a core team member. This is not a guaranteed option of course, but it’s possible. Unlike this current job offer, a core team position is not a regular paid position but you create your own job, in the area you like, by getting paid contracts for our company. (With our initial support, of course – you’ll learn from us how to do it.)

We care about the ideas and innovations for better, sustainable living made “at the edge of societies”, and use all kinds of tools and data science to find and connect these ideas. We then use this knowledge to provide paid consultancy services to governments, intergovernmental organizations and NGOs.

Basically, look around on this website what we care about – all the content of all our projects is here, though not always well-sorted or well-presented (which is why we need you …).

Namaste (Hello) . I am Anu Pokharel, writing to express my interest as content manager from Nepal. I worked as communication manager in one of the reputed colleges of Nepal beside the office works I have always been involved in global issues. I was an International Youth Exchange participant from Fredskorpset Norway where I have been repeatedly recognized for initiations of programs, service activities and projects run addressing the issues related to women and children, competency in looking after youth’s areas of interests with my friendly conduct I was responsible for coordination of youth exchange programs activities. All of these experiences had provided me with the opportunities to witness and understand the critical role that helped me to enhance my leadership qualities and positive activism for greater good. I initiated and participated in issues related to youth, education and women. I believe in being global citizen and bringing world together. I have shared all my exchange program experience in a blog - https://travelect.wordpress.com/.

I like to sharpen my skills and down to learn new thing everyday. Life for me is a journey which involves continuous learnings. Everybody knows something we don’t know and it is amazing to know new people everyday. I believe youths should not only create positive environment within the territory of their country but world as a whole, this is why I am interested to be part of Edgeryders so that I can contribute my learnings in the way it can be helpful . I went through the website and find it fruitful as it consists of opportunities and network to connect like minded people making a difference.

Love from Nepal :slight_smile:

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Hello, I am Manish Maharjan from Lalitpur,Nepal. I would like express my interest for the post Website Content Manager.

I am young tech enthusiast and currently doing Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Information Technology.I work as a Freelance Android app Developer and i have published few apps on my own (link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Manish+Maharjan) . Regarding content management , i have started my own venture, Nepcrafts(http://nepcrafts.com/) which is an ecommerce platform for sculpture crafted from Nepal and where i managed all the content of site myself. I have good experience of working with contents in wordpress ,joomla and have worked for the news portal like (aajanepal.com) .Since, i am keen towards technology, my interest is towards Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality , Machine Learning which is next generation technology. I believe that life is learning journey and we always learn new stuffs in our day to day life, so i am learning new technology in my leisure time.

I first noticed Edgeryders when i read an article regarding 58 new Business ideas for Nepal . It really inspired me to start my own venture. I want to inspire other people with content like these and want to be part of the team.I believe i am good fit for the team because i got some technical skills and content management skills that is most important for the job.


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Namaste @anuzement, and thank you for applying! I think I got a good impression of your experience and language skills already.

Do you have time for a short interview today or tomorrow? If so, simply try to catch me online anytime that fits you. An audio call on Facebook Messenger is probably the most straightforward way. (We have our own chat and call application for the team, but I won’t bother you with that already :slight_smile:)

And hello to @manishm! Also big thank you to you for taking the time to apply!

I’ll have a chat with Anu about the job first, but independent of that job, I’m interested to talk with you too. I wrote the Fifty-Eight New Business Ideas for Nepal article you mentioned, and I’m amazed to hear it inspired your business venture. Thank you, feedback like that is really valuable. Would be interested to hear more about Nepcrafts, and might be able to offer some tips for international market access. (You can also create a topic here on the platform if you prefer, so others here can offer some wisdom too.)

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Sure @matthias ! will be writing about the Nepcrafts soon.

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