Looking for help troubleshooting the next Reef document


Several Edgeryders folks, myself included, have kept hammering away at the dream of living together in a more sociable way. This dream is as old as the community itself, and is not likely to go away any time soon: we made the unMonastery in Matera in 2013-14 (unMonastery), started the first Reef in Brussels (project-reef-brussels) in 2015, launched the OpenVillage battlecry in 2017 (openvillage) , with the Sidi Kaouki experience in 2018 (project-sidi-kaouki).

Maybe, just maybe, we have a new opportunity to advance this dream. We have a draft document ready, and on its basis we would like to initiate a new iteration with a new client. We are looking for careful readers to help us punch holes into the document, and in this way make it stronger. If you care about the issue, would you consider joining the group of 4-8 troubleshooters? Or nominate someone who might be interested?

I will start by nominating @ireinga, @phoebe and @sammuirhead.

To access the document, you can go here, but it needs a Google account and you will have to request access.


I opened it and am now reading…

Hi folks! I’ve been lurking on-off for a few years, wondering how exactly you operate and where you’re going — though maybe that bit doesn’t matter so I’m de-lurking :wink:

I originally came across you because of unMonestary. I’d founded an early experimental coliving+coworking space (what I call a coliving hub) in Delhi, India which ran for four years from 2010, and am ready to get back into the movement. So have been looking at properties and approaches for funding. For those of you interested there’s a socent focussed version of a proposal here. Coliving Property Proposition

Is there any kind of gathering taking place anywhere sometime over the coming year. Did I miss any of you at the co-liv summit in Paris last year? I realise that a lot of the coliving movement is considered unduly commercial and less community-oriented of late… so you may not consider a part of it?

Anyway I’d love to take a look at this doc and maybe contribute some feedback, whilst looking forward to lurking a bit less!


Hello @jacob, welcome! I just gave you access to the document… ignore my message, please, I had not yet read this post. Happy de-lurking! :smiley:

I am not sure about gatherings, but not ruling it out. We are in Brussels, so quite close to most of Europe… where are you based?

Thanks Alberto!

Sounds like it’s going in a great direction. Won’t get involved in the minor tweaks although I’m inclined to say discussing migrants is redundant as all peoples are migrants of some sort, and an inclusive community will by its nature therefore support and include all peoples to the best of its capabilities. Unless there’s some kind of political alignment.

Am somewhat unconvinced about “deep green” in application to this in a city however I’m not familar with the movement (if that’s what it’s in reference to?). Obviously impact can be minimised and optimised, but can it be negative unless the members themselves are hardcore (which might be a less inclusive and more ‘cultish’ community). Solar energy (the only renewable one has access to in a city) depends upon a large enough footprint and for a more northerly climate can this balance out?

I hadn’t realised how many similarities the Reef has to my model except I’m now focussed on semi-rural, rather than cities if only because of acquisition costs. (My 2010 plan had originally been a number of African cities…) But you are well ahead as I’ve just been playing with ideas until a couple of weeks ago!

Am based in the south of France but have been hopping about to check out coliving places (currently Montenegro). I was up Brussels way for Coworking Europe in Nov and am sure I’ll pass by again, so will look you up when I do and look forward to meeting. :+1:

We are looking to partner up with local authorities. From where they are standing, migrants and expats exist, and they are quite distinct from locals. They (we) are way less plugged into local social networks, and harder to serve; for one, most are not citizens, so different rules apply.

In Brussels, many (perhaps most) migrants are lower middle class and EU citizens. We emphasize them because we think they (we) might be the pioneers, the people who have most to gain from the arrangement we offer.

“Deep green” is aspirational for now, But, since we are seeking partnership with a large organization focused on environmental innovation, we plan to offer the Reef as a sandbox for making urban living deep green.

Ok, the document is now upgraded to a second version. Thanks to @matteo_uguzzoni, @jacob and @noemi for useful suggestions. Onwards!


Happy to contribute my varied experience to help here, too. I’ve requested access.


Hei @jacob nice to meet you and glad you’re de-lurking!

There is no one big edgeryders gathering planned, but we will have smaller events in Central Europe (in a project launching these days on how Europeans are building efforts of wellbeing in the backdrop of populism); in Berlin at re:Publica festival in early May (with our Culture Squad), in Athens end of October (in a project on urban games…). Then at many events where members and close collaborators go … it’s not easy to keep track of them all, but if you’re in France we’ll keep an eye and let’s see if we can cross paths!