WIR SEHEN UNS DA! (Post in German)

Throughout the Edgeryders project, the question was always “why aren’t we using this great network to change the world, to actually deliver change?” and, because it was a first try at a project like this from the Council of Europe, the answer was usually “we will, we will, give us time.” The time is now. The report we produced from Edgeryders 1, the “Handbook for Policymakers”, will be released at the end of the year. It has exceeded all expectations as we discussed precarity, social exclusion and poverty, and how government can help us all, but particularly young people, in this crisis. Now they’ve given us a much larger scope and mandate: to actually do something about these problems, by forming a European action network to help local projects make a real difference. Your first chance to get involved in that action network is Brussels, 6th to 9th of December. YOU NEED TO ARRANGE TRANSPORT NOW We can’t fund travel for the kick-off event, but if you book a ticket now travel from most of Europe will be less than 100EUR round-trip, and frequently less than 50EUR. We’re still putting together the schedule, we’re still arranging accommodations, but if you know you want to be there, book now while it’s cheap. There’s going to be a lot of travel for a lot of people in Edgeryders 2 - a network is only as strong as its links - so get used to book-ahead. So what are we going to DO in Edgeryders 2? As you might expect, that’s up to you. The CoE/EU would like us to focus on three areas: * support, progress and prosperity for local initiatives, including how to start new things in new places * how to use peer networks and European-scale cooperation at the grass roots to effect change * focus on policy implementations of what we learned in Edgeryders 1 right across the spectrum of policy What we want to see are a couple of dozen project teams across the whole area of operations, across cultures and countries, working on their own specific local agendas while working together to be more effective, to share resources, and to make a big enough wave to change the way that policy serves us, and services are delivered, permanently. The objective is to leave powerful, grounded, sustainable innovation all over the map. We don’t have much budget, but we have a core team that can open doors using the Council of Europe’s blessing to help interface with local authorities, and we have a pool of talent and insight which leaves any Fortune 500 company or international consulting group standing cold: we have you. So let’s get this party started.

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Message from Ms. Gilda Farrell: As you know, this meeting is an event organized by members of the Edgeryders community, old and new, and as such is the sole responsibility of the organisers and participants.  That said, the Council of Europe is pleased that the discussion will continue, and that the project has been generative for you as well as for us. We are supporting your initiative and will participate in it. Looking forward to a fruitful event with you all. Kind regards, Gilda Farrell, Head of Division, Social Cohesion Research and Early Warning at the Council of Europe.