Lote3 Logistics Team

This group is to plan together our stay in Matera between October 29 and November 3 and make sure everyone gets there safely, spends an awesome time and is well fed :smiley:

Remember: Lote3 takes place in the unMonastery Matera premises in Palazzo del Casale, Rione Sassi, Matera, Italy (map).

  • Travelling: Fill in this wiki with your travel itinerary and tell us if you're in for ridesharing from Italian cities. First, make sure to read the practical info on how to reach Matera
  • AccommodationMatera is a tourist city: there's plenty of reasonably priced accommodation. Some generous Materans have offered to host \#LOTErs in their homes; in addition, we are are crafting deals with local hotels and B&Bs. See the available offers and let this team know your preference.
  • Food: wiki where you can point out your food preferences (vegan, vegetarian, any allergies )
  • Allergies or special preferencesany allergy ? (food, smoke, humidity, etc)
  • and other practical arrangements for coming to Lote3 in Matera.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, check the Q&A and don’t hesitate to add a question there, or even add a post to this group.