LOTE3 lost and found

Report here if you have lost or found anything at LOTE3

  • [Alberto] missing a VGA adaptor for the Mac lent for a Track 2 session. Maybe [fortyfoxes] found it?
  • [Alberto] missing a red water bottle, left at Vicolo Cieco. When I went back to Vicolo the next day they had not found it.
  • [Nadia] is missing a MacBook Pro charger.
  • A woman's coat was found at Officine Frida. It could belong to [La_Gaia] or [IrynaSi]. Their website is down at the time of writing.

Mac Book Pro Charger

There was one in a box on the Monday in the unMonastery building, blue sticker on the charger itself?

thats the one. I forgot my phone charger too :slight_smile:



Womex 2013 blue sticker. Does anyone know where the box was brought?