#Lote3 New roles: looking for bloggers, facilitators, documenters

As we get closer to Living on the Edge - the unPilgrimage, the diversity of tasks and volume of the beast is increasing. In the latest community calls it came up that we still have key roles to be filled - both in the runup to the conference and onsite… so here’s an outline of those roles. See if there’s something below you would be interested in doing or learning about, and come forward. You won’t be alone in this, we will all help, ecause we are highly vested in Lote and want to make it the wildest event Europe is seeing this fall!

1. Bloggers

Most of our channels and communications about Lote have so far been official or a bit formalized, because they were shaped as participation calls, clear and sound for everyone. We need more individual voices to contaminate the web with Lote3 enthusiasm, and build engagement with more diverse tribes. Radical voices, critical voices, idealist voices, all are welcome.

What the role involves:

  • Writing up to two posts about Lote and the unMonastery in the upcoming 2-3 weeks, describing how you have experienced it so far. The posts can be in English or perhaps better, in your own native language.

You can post on the edgeryders platform or on your personal blog, and the Edgeryders social media team helps drive it.

2. Facilitators

These are the good conversationalists and gentle time keepers in any given session. We’ve been assuming those who put forward session proposals will also lead them, but it doesn’t need to be strictly that: some are domain specialists and not so good with delivery, others are so passionate they risk turning their session into a monologue… and so on. Sessions like Crowdfunding for Lote4 next year or unMonetize are looking for facilitators, and more that we don’t know of, the reason being that perhaps some who have topics in mind haven’t stepped forward, thinking they couldn’t commit to full leading roles. With more facilitators ready to take on board sessions, we might end up with an even richer program!

What the role involves:

  • Master of ceremony: introducing the session, framing the question to be explored, making sure the group moves towards the output and rounding it up at the end;

- Ensure everyone in the room has a chance to express opinions and ideas

- Dealing with logistics: booking the room, ensuring the materials requested for the session are there: flipcharts, projectors, paper, pen etc

- Time keeping

You don’t have to be a professional facilitator or master a session’s topic for this role, all you need is a bit of preparation and working close with the session proponent!

3. Documenters  

They will make sure that what happens in Matera doesn’t stay in Matera, contrary to other popular beliefs (!) They will be compiling sessions and even recording bits of video or taking pictures.

What it involves:

- Picking one or two sessions in advance and arming yourself with pen, paper or laptop to take notes

Pack the notes into concise summaries of what has been discussed in the session, and what steps forward / actionables have resulted from the conversation (2 pages max).

The summaries should be posted here on the platform, so others can continue the conversation.

If you prefer visual documentation, you’d need to make sure there is a curated product of your work: an album posted somewhere online, a youtube video that we can all then share etc.

If there are other roles you feel need to be taken on board, please post them here in this wiki. If you’re coming forward for any of the above, here’s your big team! who knew that with close to zero financial resources we’d end up creating this huge organisational structure? and growing it still!

Would like to help as a facilitator.


I would like to help as a facilitator, who&how should I talk to about this?


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Thanks for stepping forward…

and the timing is perfect. I’m reading on your profile you’re interested in the unMonastery, and [Ben] was just telling me he has some sessions in mind that would greatly benefit from facilitation at the event . These are relevant topics in relation to the unMon design, yet for some reasons they haven’t been proposed or touched upon so far (?) Ben can you give vvorski the details please?


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This just in: Ready made sessions in the unMonastery track

Hi [vvorski], there is an update from Ben on a bunch of sessions needing facilitation, care to take a shot at any of these?


@noemi if I understand correctly the amount of preparation to facilitate is not overwhelming so I am happy to facilitate multiple sessions. Everything looks interesting, some I am more qualified then others, going down the list:

> “Replicating unMonastery” - Ideal Facilitator: Someone who’s built apps, software or social networks. Anyone involved in starting a hackerspace.

20 years building software some of it social so I think I’m qualified.

> Infrastructural implications of the unMonastery

> Future Thought: The unMonastery’s 200 year trajectory.

I am new here so probably do not understand the unMonastery concept well enough yet to do these well.

> Juristiction and the unRule

Fascinating, would love to do this, happy to spend a few days reading up on The Rule to do this effectively.

> What can unMonastery learn from the ancient past?

Also fascinating. Happy to work on this.

> What can unMonastery learn from the recent past? Social Centers, Hackerspaces, Squats and the communes.

Perhaps someone who runs one of these communities would be best for this session?