LOTE3 press, video, photos

this one?


that’s what i was also thinking about. for some reason i ended up with your photos on my comp so i’ve been sharing some online already. I also sent this one and a few others to Alberto earlier. well done, big thanks! and we look forward to see the videos and the final one, but dont sweat it, take your time. Meeting you was quite an inspiration Sam :slight_smile:

ah, good.

I’ve been a bit slow to upload as I’ve been out shooting a lot, so good that you’re onto it!

p.s. [Alberto], I cant help but be reminded of ))<>(( every time I see that that ‘connecting edges’ sign. really, really unfortunate.

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Great pic!

That’s the one, [Sam Muirhead], thanks. Great pic by the way.

I am not attached to the <> sign! I think it was [Ben]'s idea. If you don’t like it we can scrap it.

resources for video?

the video will be ready in a couple of days, I’m just filling in bits and pieces, making titles etc, and working out which cutaways to use.

A few extras it would be good to get hold of though (not absolutely necessary):

Does anybody have any footage or high quality photos from the first meeting in Strasbourg? it would be nice to cut them in when talking about the origins of the unMonastery.

also if anyone has video of Pio’s workshop on resilience and natural disasters, it might be good as well. or the performance by the folk singer.  Otherwise I think I have everything I need.

Great timing!

Perfect timing, Sam – @ilariadauria is working on this project, has a deadline on Monday, and I am sure can use a video. As you have seen, we have put your first video to good use, with subtitles in 8 languages and counting.

@thejaymo put some really nice LOTE1 pics here.

Videos and photos from first lote

Video footage available here.

Photo footage available here.

even better timing… on sunday!

Hi everyone! Yes, it’s perfect timing but… can I ask you to go for Sunday? :slight_smile:

The deadline is on Monday but I already had various experiences where the platforms to upload the projects are overwhelmed by the trafic and go bezerk.

So, ideally, we have to put:

  • 3 images
  • links to relevant material

Once I hand in the application, I think we can have a session with the Social Media team and understand how to plunge into the voting part :slight_smile:

ipad videos

Hi Sam,

These videos were done with the ipad, not sure about their quality.

Have a look yourself if they are usable.

5 videos of the folk singer,

(one him explaining the context and group that he belongs to).

1 of sound of the stream on nightfall, from that walk on the valley.

1 (a little one) - announcement of pasta party near the Market.

seperate links:  00  |  01  | 02

(Sorry for not sending earlier.)


cool, that will help a lot.

Video will be completed hopefully on Friday, Sunday at the latest.

I have quite a lot of motion graphic stuff to do to explain things clearly. Is it possible to get the original file or high quality version of this image so I can use elements from it?

the largest i know of


update: delay

I have the interviews edited and other shots cut in, but in this state the video still doesn’t do what I set out to do: explain what Edgeryders is, what the unMonastery is and why we’re doing this.

I’ve shown the video to people not familiar with Edgeryders and they seem to agree with me: nice people, nice goals, but still very unclear on what exactly the unMonastery is and what goes on there.

So in any time I’ve been able to in the last few days I’ve been animating a few important extras which fill in some of the gaps: one-sentence explanations of the unmonastery matera projects, including some of the keywords which somehow never came up in the on camera discussions - “residency” for example would have been useful! :slight_smile:

I’m shooting on a doco tomorrow and booked for editing on Tuesday but I should be able to fit in the rest of the work on Wednesday and Thursday. Sorry for the delay but it is very important to me that the video adds signal rather than noise, so I’ve got to do these extra few things!


perfectly fine by me

Hi Sam, thanks again for putting in the work! Seems like textbook definitions are quite challenging for ER related stuff… not just to put in writing, but also to work with. anyway, the delay only increases the excitement. It will end up being a Christmas present :slight_smile:

Let me know if i can help with anything…

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[Sam Muirhead], I quote Noemi word for word. And agree with you: right now we need to strengthen the signal, not just add pretty visuals. Thanks again for your work.


Edgeryders: Living on the Edge 3 from Sam Muirhead on Vimeo.


wonderful, great “harvest” !


Sam it’s really good.

Great, great work!

Much Kudos to you.

Thank you.

… as well as on the home page

Thanks from me, too!


Sam, kicking-off 2014 looking back at the #LOTE3 feels good.

Thank you so much for this: it’s really good to have images and words from the community to restart from and dispatch around. Let me take this opportunity to wish us all strength and determination to keep up with change making. 2014 is going to be the Year of the unMonastery, but not only.

Much love to all!

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Nice work Sam

Thats a great video :slight_smile:

Bravo Sam!!!

Thank you Sam!!

Great work! :slight_smile: