Call for participation: Mapping our way to a global vision of the world we want

Download poster here.
All over Europe, the Caucasus, North Africa and beyond people are building a new world together.
Amazing projects demonstrate hope for the future and visions of the world which is possible when we work together. In Cairo, residents brought along tools, bulldozers and just started building their wikicity. In Italy a group of young activists are improving their cities by engaging inhabitants to reactivate abandoned buildings. In Tbilisi a group of young activisits engaged women in mastering technology in the quest to improve their communities. Many people living their dreams together are changing their corner of the world, one small initiative at a time.
#Futurespotters wants to collect examples of these important green shoots.
Please tell us about the amazing things you and your friends are doing, or have visited, so that we can showcase the cultural innovation which is shaping a new way of making our way in the world. We are interested in new kinds of employment, social enterprises and other projects which embody new values, cultural centres, galleries, projects and teams. If it's a place that people can visit, so much the better - take a tour in your own city or while you are travelling, and see some of the New Planet.

Help us spotlight the best efforts happening at local and national levels in a new documentary about how you are building the world we want. Log in to Edgeryders and tell us about you and your work. Include key individuals or organizations, innovation centers, NGOs, co-working spaces, etc…Share your story, and explore new ways of making a living, making a difference and caring for commons by participating in a workshop near you

Where does this all go? (Download poster here)

  1. Workshops in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia.
  2. Well-written, paid articles highlighting you and your work
  3. Beautiful videos to tell the world about the future we are building together.

By sharing your story on Edgeryders you join 2000+ people in over 30+ on a shared learning journey in which we exchange experiences, mentor one another and find ways to support one another’s work. Many of us work far outside the mainstream with little support, but in the past two years we have discovered that we are each other’s best allies. If a small number of community members could get a project as ambitious as the unMonastery off the ground in record time just by being open and generous with our knowledge, imagine what many more of us can achieve as a result of coming together, inspiring one another and helping each other. P2p. All it takes to get started is to sign up for an account, and introduce yourself to the rest of the community here.

Welcome aboard, we’re really looking forward to meeting you!


the interactive map

the size of the interactive map is so small , can u make it bigger in order to be easier to use  :smiley:

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I changed it to the banner, because it’s really open

Maybe some people are comfortable with maps, maybe some want to build posters. maybe some want to build apps or throw parties. It’s up to people really. The foundation is that we get to know one another, and share our experiences of how we are trying to build our way in the world. Then what we do after we understand one another’s work, skills etc is really up to participants in the workshops. No?