LOTE3 Program Overview

UPDATE The program of Living On The Edge is built for participants, by participants. It is still under construction because we want to allow everyone to submit last minute session proposals. We have decided to concentrate the program into 4 days: dedicate Thursday October 31st and Friday Nov 1st to Track 1 and Track 2, and continue over the weekend (2nd-3rd of November) with the unConference on the Edge. You are of course invited to come earlier or stay longer, many of us will do so and enjoy Matera. If you have something you would like to share, come to lote as a speaker or workshop facilitator. In general, your proposal should fit into one of the three tracks described below (we call a track a set of sessions connected by a theme); contact the relevant track curator to get yourself into the program; if you are in doubt, contact Noemi.

We are also planning a crazy “Halloween in the unMonastery” party on October 31st. :slight_smile:

Track 1: Upskilling for change

Skill and tool up for greater impact

Track 2: Build the unMonastery

Help place the first building blocks

Track 3: The unconference on the edge

Discover new people, projects & ideas

The goal of this track is to equip each participant to roll out a project as visionary, compelling and concrete as the unMonastery by the end of 2014. Sessions that would fit well in here: using Egderyders LBG as a corporate infrastructure for your project; how to best collaborate with each other online; how to sell radical projects to corporate/government folks; how to share failure and take care of each other to preserve precious brainpower from burnout. The goal of this track is to design an institution to last 200 years. Sessions that would fit well in here: designing the interiors of the unMonastery; designing the clothing for the unMonasterians; working out protocols of engagement with the local community in Matera and elsewhere. The goal of this track is to catch up with the cutting edge stuff people within and outside the community are doing. If you want to share your work on a personal project and use the expertise onsite to ask for feedback or find collaborators, you belong here.

Contact Alberto Cottica if you want to contribute to this track.

Contact Ben Vickers if you want to contribute to this track.

Contact Noemi Salantiu if you want to contribute to this track.