LOTE4 For Organisations

4th Annual Living on the Edge Conference

  • Stewardship -

October 23-26, 2014

UnMonastery, Matera, Italy

Hosted by: Amelia Andersdotter, Ben Vickers, David De Ugarte, Fabrizio Barca, Nadia EL-Imam and Riel Miller.

Call for Problems

Submit your challenge on managing collaborative stewardship in your organization and work with the conference attendees to come up with a solution.

Submission Deadline: October 1, 2014

Submit problems to Nadia EL-Imam, conference co-chair, at nadia@edgeryders.eu

This Call for Problems supplements the Call for Projects with an innovative element for LOTE 2014. We want to apply a core principle of open innovation during the LOTE event setting: We are calling for problems (challenges) of managing community stewardship in a corporate, public agency, or non-profit setting.  We offer conference participants the opportunity to tap into the collective mind of the conference participants and challenge them with a task you are facing when profiting from community stewardship in your context. Challenges may be in domains like measuring the impact of community stewardship, creating a community stewardship culture, designing new methods, or setting up processes for community stewardship. Submit your specific challenge – and when selected by the LOTE program committee – work with the LOTE2014 participants to find novel solutions.

This is what you can expect from the special LOTE session:

  • A special co-creation setting aimed at accelerating and speeding the problem-solving process

  • Open to organizations and networks of all sizes

  • A vast community of experts from all disciplines will be participating and collaborating

  • Discussions will be “open source” in order to foster information sharing and further problem solving

  • For partner organisations (URL to partnership page): We seed a conversation about your topic and engage people to join it. We log it on the Edgeryders platform. We harvest content with online ethnography techniques. Finally we augment analysis with quantitative measures taken from quantitative analysis.

The program committee will evaluate proposals, but will not provide reviews of the proposals.


The Call for Problems approach and the corresponding co-creation workshop methodology was developed by members of the Edgeryders community though over 10 years of participating in, evaluating and designing multiple open innovation event formats. It today is offered by Edgeryders LBG (http://company.edgeryders.eu/lote/ ) as an element in dedicated events or as part of larger conferences.

More information about this approach has been documented in


July 20, 2014: Submissions accepted

August 20, 2014: Submissions deadline for “Call for Problems”

August 30, 2014: Notification of accepted “problems”

October 1, 2014: Registration deadline for members of solution providers

October 23 (8:00am) to October 26 (5:30pm): Conference at the unMonastery, Matera in Italy.

Further information: For further information regarding this “call for problems” and to get early feedback whether your challenge is suited for the conference, please contact Nadia EL-Imam atnadia@edgeryders.eu

Format for Problem Submission

1. Contact data

2. Problem title

Name your problem in few words.

3. Problem Context. 

Briefly explain the problem within its context.

4. Current understanding. 

Explain what you know about this problem, its effect, what you found, your assumptions, your previous ideas (discarded or best) in a matter of research, experiments and/or observations.

5. What is sought, what are key requirements of a good solution? 

Provide some solution constraints (technological, manufacturing, applicability, economic, organizational, cultural, social, politic, etc.) based on your needs. List your questions. What would be criteria for a good solution? 

Submission Deadline: September 1, 2014

Submit papers to Nadia EL-Imam, conference co-chair, at nadia@edgeryders.eu