LOTE4 Hackathon preparation Notes

this was the result of yesterday’s meeting , copied from the pad we are working on . I suggest we keep working on the pad as we can all work at the same time on it and update this wiki every [week] so everyone on the platform can see , comment , refine …etc

Project pipeline

  1. Collect project ideas from all sources
  1. Assign project to a story teller to produce the Story
  1. Get completed Story, publish & promote on Hackathon site
  1. Assign project to an (Analyst) to define specific tasks
  1. Add tasks to Hackathon Project 
  1. Co-ordinate with Analyst to setup first group meeting, around a simple, remote task.
  1. Evaluate/Measure the first meeting, review with Analyst and Project Owner if they want a 'slot' in the Hackathon
  1. Mix it up, and review with Project Owners and Collaborators. Facilitate communication to increase awareness of all projects and all skills 'in the room'.


5 weeks - 1 in Aug, 4 in September

1st week in Aug: get up and running with Test Projects:

  • Test available tools:
  • Displaying stories
  • Displaying tasks
  • Facilitating conversation around Projects & Tasks
  • Sign up first 2 Story Tellers, and first 2 Analysts

1W Sept:

2W Sept:

9th Sept, after/during EdgeRyders call

Oct 1st - 7th:    Focal initial conversation period 

Oct 7th-14th:    Focal conversation continuity, shuffling groups, encouraging cross communication. 

Oct 15th-23rd: Hackathon event


Roles :

Story Teller

Repackage the project description in engaging, accessible way. 

‘Story’ should contain:

  • Brief description.  Goal, core idea, USP, social value, whose life will it change and how, impact
  • Stage of the project
  • Skills needed in Hackathon


Extracting and defining clear tasks that can be done before and during a hackathon

Document conversations. Take part in group conversations to support the Project Owner.

‘Task’ should contain:

  • Description: Desired outcome
  • Skills required
  • Estimated size. For 4 people, Tiny: 1-2 hours, Small: 2-4 hours, Medium: 1-2 days, Large: 2+ days