LOTE4 photos

Some photos from LOTE4!

Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos (it’s difficult when the camera’s set up for video and on a shoulder rig) but here’s a couple to get started, and I’ll add some video frames as I go through my footage.

Please edit this wiki to link to any flickr/dropbox/drive/etc albums. If the platform of your choice allows, please tag as lote4, and don’t forget to mention if the photos are under a particular creative commons license or not.

If there is a more appropriate place to be putting photos/linking to photos, let me know.


CC-BY Edgeryders (full-res: IMG_8704.jpg)


CC-BY Edgeryders (full-res: IMG_8695.jpg)


CC-BY Edgeryders (full-res: IMG_8787.jpg)


CC-BY Edgeryders (full-res: IMG_9134.jpg)


CC-BY Edgeryders (full-res: IMG_9074.jpg)



Anyone got photos of the beds?

I didn’t, sorry.

no video either. Which beds?

The fact that I wasn’t sleeping on scraped-together piles of rags this time really showed me how far we’ve come since LOTE3 :slight_smile:

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The pallets!

The pallet stacks were the beds, Sam!

The difference between LOTE3 stacks of pillows and LOTE4 pallet stacks with mattresses as beds is probably called gentrification … :smiley:

actual pillows?


Very nice- thanks

Where should we post videos?

Embed 'em

I guess it’s easiest to upload the videos to YouTube (or Vimeo etc. if you like) and then to embed them into a post in the LOTE4 group, similar to Sam’s post. Use the “movie stripe” button in the editor toolbar and copy&paste the embed code in there that YouTube gives you for your video.

Cheers, safe travels, and see you again!

Better late than never, i hope.

Hi guys, hope you are all doing well and came back from Matera with tons of new knowledge!

I’ll share with you my folder on Drive with photos I took during the trip. There will quite the few so this way is easier, bare in mind that there may be some photos from other parts of the trip and not only during the event :slight_smile:

All the best!


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