[LOTE4 Tickets] Design icons for Project Page

I will design a small number of icons to make the Projects page easy to navigate and visually consistent.

The icons will make it easier for someone (for example a newcomer on Edgeryders) to get an overview of the different kinds of groups found on the platform. They will also ensure the page gives a sense of diversity without overwhelming visuals.

  • Value of task: 1 \#lote4 ticket

How to complete this task?

In the comment form below let us know if you’re available to do this, and propose an idea for a small number of icons that would go well with Edgeryders. Here are some past designs up for remixing, and here are ideas from unMonastery house projects. You can work anywhere and use any tools, just make sure you post the files here so more people get to view them, and release them under creative commons license.

The task is completed once you upload your (draft) designs in a comment below.

Steps to get your Lote4 ticket

  1. By completing this task.

  2. Go to MakerFox.com and register there with the same username as the one you have here on Edgeryders. Now go ahead and order your Lote4 ticket.

  3. Wait to receive your ticket! Community members at Edgeryders will check how many tasks you’ve performed and it they add up to the value of a ticket, they’ll make sure to send it to you.

LOTE4 is gone…

But we still could use the icons. Anyone wants to do this, get in touch.