[LOTE4 Tickets] Map and visualise your Edgeryders User Journey

We simply ask you here to tell us your story. We want you to sit down, think how and why did you arrive at the point where Edgeryders seemed the exactly right place to be at? When and how did you decide to be part of the comminuty? What were your stories from the edge? And finally, in which ways the access to Edgeryders platform and community is useful for you, how do you use it and why?

This refers only to those of you who have been here for a while and took a part in the community already in significant ways. This is not just about where to click for what, but how you become an active participant and what is in it for you.

  •     Value of task: 1 \#lote4 ticket

How to complete this task?

In the comment form below let us know that you would like to take this task and what is the deadline. Once it is uploaded as a post, copy-paste the link in the comment and one of us will validate the accomplishment. Any questions? Feel free to contact Noemi (noemi@edgeryders.eu) or Natalia (natalia@edgeryders.eu) or leave a comment below - we will briefly get back to you.

Steps to get your Lote4 ticket

  1. By completing this task.

  2. Go to MakerFox.com and register there with the same username as the one you have here on Edgeryders. Now go ahead and order your Lote4 ticket.

  3. Wait to receive your ticket! Community members at Edgeryders will check how many tasks you’ve performed and it they add up to the value of a ticket, they’ll make sure to send it to you.

This task belongs to the Storytellers team, that’s where you can get in touch with the other team members.

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