LOTE5 Apéro

You’re all cordially invited to Living On The Edge #5 apéro on Dec, 2nd 6:30pm. After a month of morning community calls we are trying to adapt the schedule and format for those of you that would like to engage in making LOTE5 happen but didn’t have a chance to follow up on the stream of tasks, registration guidelines and website updates.


  • Everything you wanted to know about LOTE5 fail unfail but never dared to ask.

We’re gathering at Brussels Edgespace (Rue Pierre Decoster 75, Forest) and online, of course. Any friend of Antiheroes and Edgeryders is our friend!

Date: 2015-12-02 17:30:00 - 2015-12-02 17:30:00, Europe/Paris Time.

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Edgesense == the software

Edgespace == the office


Online where?

We’ll need a link to attend online, no?


Indeed. Also, we forgot we’re organizing an in-house FuckUp Night for a client on the 30th. Wednesday 2nd of December works for you as well?

Sending my cat

Hi guys,

As I have swimming pool responsibilities, I’ll be pretty late tomorrow, but I’m sending you the most controversial Van den Ende to have at these type of events: my dad.

So please count in Gido on the guestlist, as well as Anton Sabbe. Anton is the KBC fellow on top of designing deployment plan for the refugees within the Belgian Federation of Enterprises, with whom we had a meeting last Friday.

Love love

Your… cat?



Guys can’t find the link to an online zoom/ hangout etc. anywhere…  Share it pls, or invite me?

Purely offline

It ended up being purely offline – I came in late, and there was no link anywhere, and people were simply doing an apéro. I have to say it makes sense this way.