LOTE5 supporting partners propositions

This is a brainstorming on possible LOTE5 supporting partners. Updates will depend on the first keynote speakers, ambassadors and campaign tracks that will be chosen. Care and development being already on board.

Feel free to shoot organization names and whether you can get in contact with someone asap. We planned to already send LOTE5 partnership proposals during next week.

Sponsoring partners:

  • BNP Paribas,  could be interested in a \#fail \#unfail e-book collection of cases in innovative finance models and currencies. --> @KiraVdegot in touch
  • CFA, same as above. --> @KiraVde already got in touch
  • SNCB (Belgian rails) might be interested in \#fail \#unfail cases of networked communities and transportation solutions (beyond smart cities). --> @ireinga will get in touch
  • Unicredit --> @Alberto is getting in contact
  • "evil construction companies" that could be interested in open housing, names to shoot. --> @ireinga will get in touch
  • Lunt Foundation, the foundation for future generations that just supported MakeSense incubator in Brussels is interested in a diverse range of projects, from youth camps and high level events sustainability DIY kits to research grants. --> @ireinga already got in touch
  • The European Commission (Alberto, via Fabrizio Sestini) --> @Alberto already got in touch.
  • Insurance companies linked to the OpenCare track, Mutuelles in Belgium. 
  • National Lottery
  • KBC, @kiravde and @ireinga are in touch
  • Ethias
  • Cisco, @ireinga is in touch
  • Delta Lloyd, @kiravde is in touch
  • Change.org, @kiravde is in touch
  • Rockefeller Foundation---> @Nadia already got in touch.

Community partner

Girls do you know anything about the Social Innovation Factory? Came across them via Babele, but not sure if they have access to interesting people: Sociale InnovatieFabriek - iedereen kan innoveren | Sociale InnovatieFabriek

Yes we know them well

And whether or not they have access to interesting people depends on your definition of interesting :wink: