Love is a community thing

As though the  community convening itself and self-organising what is looking like an awsome #lote2 weren’t enough. The community love showed by people like Asta who volunteered to help other Edgeryders coordinate logistics around travel and accommodations during the event, or Matthias’s helping us all to figure out what we want from the new platform software… are but two of the many things that make Edgeryders so valuable to everyone involved. Many times over. And so imagine my surprise when I got the following message in my inbox today: " Airbnb is pleased to announce its new partnership with Edgeryders". Wait, what?!? So apparently Kat got in touch with Clément, Kat, Nawal and Nicolas at Airbnb and mentioned what we’re up to at Edgeryders. Two of their ace community building experts are going to be participating in the workshops.  This is a really welcome addition, as we are taking on a formidable challenge and every little contribution towards better equipping us all makes a difference. They’ve also generously offered a €25 discount for people booking accomodations in Brussels during #lote2 ( use coupon code when booking on Airbnb: EDGERYDERS). We are humbled by the support and are very happy to be able to welcome you guys into the Edgeryders community. Thank you.